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The first 2 chapters of Genesis the first 2 chapters of The Holy Word, that is contain within, the seeds for "The 10 Commandments of Health" which are then expounded upon over and over again throughout The Holy Bible. Just where and how in Scripture these "10 Commandments of Health" appear and reappear and how they relate to finding our own radiant health will be the subject of many forthcoming articles in God's GetWell Good NewsLetter. First, let us briefly see how the first 2 chapters of Genesis do hold the seeds of "The 10 Commandments of Health," and then let us see just how "The 10 Commandments of Health" directly relate to "The Energy Enhancers" which I present in my secular Natural Hygiene handbook entitled The Health Seekers' YearBook. Please remember, this is brief! I will do the subjects true justice in future writings! Here we go...

Of course, The First Commandment of Health is God's First Commandment. The 10th Commandment of Health contains 2 Scriptural instructions: First is to keep The Golden Rule of loving thy neighbor as thyself. Second is the dictate from Genesis I where man is instructed to carry out God's plan in seeing that all He created was cared for through His appointment of man to serve as a good steward over all. Now, it is fascinating that by following The First and The Last Commandments of Health, we have totally and completely fulfilled Energy Enhancers #9 and #10! The First Commandment tells us to put God first not food, not alcohol, not tobacco, not any of the killing emotions such as greed, revenge, anger, or jealousy. When we follow The First Commandment, we are free! In particular, we are free from what is commonly called today "substance addiction," addiction to foodstuffs and to drugs of all kinds; and we are also free of addiction to excesses in otherwise considered "healthy habits," such as television viewing and exercising, and of indulgences in unhealthy behaviors such as gambling, needing to be "in love", and sick sex. And we are free from, as I mentioned, the killing emotions. Furthermore, by following The Last Commandment, we have Emotional Balance, Nurturing Relationships, High Self-Esteem, and A Meaningful Life with Purposeful Goals! These are the things an exciting life and especially radiant health are made of! For these are the things that are especially good for our neuroanatomy, our biochemistry, and our physiology!!! So we find, in fact, that Energy Enhancers #9 and #10 are included in The First and The Last Commandments of Health. To this reality, I do gratefully, happily say: "PRAISE THE LORD!'

During the 7 days when God created the heaven and the earth, He also laid out the other 8 Commandments of Health. God created light in the form of the sun. He put Adam and Eve in The Garden, bare-naked, so that their bodies could partake of the healthful rays of the sun thus The 8th Commandment of Health and Energy Enhancer #6 were fulfilled. The Garden of Eden was, without doubt "temperature controlled for the ideal," thus again fulfilling The 8th Commandment of Health and Energy Enhancer #7.

God created the firmament, filled with pure air for man to breathe, thereby fulfilling The Third Commandment of Health and Energy Enhancer #2.

God created the pure waters and the land. Some of those waters were to supply man with pure drinking water, thus fulfilling The Fourth Commandment of Health and Energy Enhancer #3.

God created Eden filled with fresh, sun-cooked fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. He did not equip it with a cookstove! God stated clearly in Genesis 1:29 that these foods shall be man's "meat." This mandate fulfills The 5th Commandment of Health and Energy Enhancer #5.

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