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Victoria... THANK YOU for the little sample! I just wanted you to know my first impression of your new Victory Veggie Vittles: This is the VERY most wonderful stuff I ever laid a lip to! I had read all the "raves" about them in your recent mailings and wondered if they could possibly be THAT GOOD! Well, let me tell you: They are THAT GOOD! And even MORE SO! If I carry this little, "On the Go! Go! Go! Jar" in my purse all the time and eat some of them whenever I am hungry for a snack, I will never be tempted to eat a candy bar or buttery, SAD popcorn or anything like that! So far, the only way I have used The Vittles is to just eat them straight from the jar! But I just got my 2 jars full today in the mail so I know I'll enjoy them in the other ways you have so smartly suggested in your poem! Just wait until I go to exercise class and then (afterwards) pull out my little "Go! Go! Go! Jar" of V.V.V. and start chomping away! I, no doubt, will create a little curiosity, wouldn't you think? Love from Me, Nona Goodman.


to all 500 of you who received the original news about them, but many have reordered and sent in their praises! Well, 25 of the 100 to receive the little, gift bag of "NEW-FLASHIONED FRUIT FIXIN'S" placed orders for 1 to 4 pounds! And the main word appearing on their order forms was: "DELICIOUS!" I do apologize for the pricey $32.oo a pound. But the blackberries and the cranberries cost me $32.oo a pound WHOLESALE + shipping! The U.S. Postal System makes more on the "FRUIT FIXIN'S" than I! All I can say is... "You have got to try them!" And although "THE NEW-FLASHIONED FRUIT FIXIN'S" are admittedly costly if you just sit down and eat them til they are gone, they are affordable if you budget them out as savory snacks, as tasty gourmet touches to fresh fruit salads, as tempting sprinkles over nut-buttered celery sticks, as 1/2 cup servings in lunch boxes, and so on. You can save, you will notice, by ordering 4 pounds at a time. You just have to give them a try!

Notice I have now added "OLD-FASHIONED FRUIT FIXIN'S!" See the announcement! Whereas the "NEW-FLASHIONED" come in small pieces, the "OLD-FASHIONED" come in large pieces. For this reason, I will not be sending out little packet samples. But I have put together a "GETWELL SAMPLER" of many of "THE GETWELL EDIBLES." Your donation so needed at this "DARKEST BEFORE THE DAWN" moment in the history of The Great American Health Revolution will give you substantial samplings of all the most delectable EDIBLES!

TO CLOSE, you must try the "TOMATOES IN VERY THICK SLICES!" See the "TOMATOES! TOMATOES! TOMATOES!" announcement! These thick, sweet-&-tart, chewy, deep-red, circular beauties... are AMAZING & TASTY TEMPTATION-TIDBIT-TREATS!

Dear GetWell Friends,

The Right Website for Natural Hygiene, opening at www.getwellstaywellamerica.com on October 12th, 2001, has been the inspiration for creating a line of "GREAT, YUMMY GETWELL EDIBLES!" I should have done this a long time ago! I never realized how much fun it would be to bring this line of "GREAT, YUMMY GETWELL EDIBLES!" into your homes! The Victory Veggie Vittles have made so many Health Seekers so happy! Most of us agree that eating the fruits of The Natural Hygiene Diet is seldom a chore and most often a pleasure! But many will also report that eating the vegetables on The Hygienic Diet can be a bore, if not a chore! TODAY, with just 2 Tablespoonfuls or about 1/8 cup of VICTORY VEGGIE VITTLES added to vegetable dishes, to nut butters, to veggie sauces, dressings, and dips, we Vittles Fans are no longer bored or chored! The flavor-bursts of The Vittles raise our veggie dishes up to gustatory pleasure and even food fun! If you do not eat them all in one sitting, but budget them out by the 1/8 cup servings, The Victory Veggie Vittles are affordable and will go a long ways. So, as evidenced by the reports in today's mailings, we have... "A WINNER!"

I do not eat all-raw, all the time. The other night, I prepared the GETWELL EDIBLE, Pinto Bean Flakes, in boiling water as instructed and added 1/8 cup of VITTLES. In 5 minutes, I had a delicious, True Transition meal!

Just last month, I packed up 100 little bags of "NEW-FLASHIONED FRUIT FIXIN'S" and sent them to 100 Common Health Sense #5 & #6 Subscribers to see what they tasted! The Victory Veggie Vittles had already proven to be "A WINNER!" Not only had I sold 100 pounds


"What GREAT, YUMMY EDIBLES Does Victoria Offer?" 25