From Victoria BidWell & Captain HighJoy America!

At The Barn in Mt. Vernon, Washington, On August 22nd, 2001

Dear GetWell Friends & Common Health Sense #5 & #6 Subscribers! With only 170 on our "Elite List" so far, I can jot off a note to you for only 34¢ for First Class Postage if I use my own photocopy machine and all the paper and envelopes on hand! So, here I am, again for only $58.oo!

I hope you are well! And I hope you are taking time to enjoy some of these last days of August. Life is so good, here at The Barn. Nobody bothers me in my old trailer, sandwiched between "The Hooverville Mechanic Shop" and HighJoy's hig-high pasture! Except for knees that hurt and slow me down more than I want to admit, it has been a perfect summer! Your orders and donations have kept the bills paid. Thank You, So Much! The old '68 Olds convertible makes errands a pleasure! The Barn Mechanics have kept it going one more summer! My farmer friend has given me unlimited, free picking again of his raspberry patch. And this time, I am serious: I am juicing a gallon at a time and freezing the pureé that comes out of The Champion for "a taste of summer" in the months to come. I just picked my first gleanings of gift apples for High's daily bucket, and the corn will soon be ready. Everyday, High and I eat lunch together. But I have to take a little whip with me to show him and snap on my chair when my lunch looks better than his! He absolutely prefers my watermelon to his carrots! I'm taking long swims in the finally warm water. But mostly, beside writing and preparing promotions and filling orders, I am working on "The Right Website for Natural Hygiene." GetWell Friend Beverly Grose in Texas, OUR WEBMASTER, and I talk each week. We agree that we will be ready to open on COLUMBUS DAY, 2001! And you will get a September BIG, BROWN ENVELOPE to celebrate The Grand Opening! Shortly after COLUMBUS DAY, I will be preparing your Common Health Sense #5 which will be an amazing cataloguing of all The GetWell Offerings, including the many new ones you have not yet seen!

I write today, besides encouraging you to enjoy the last days of your summer, to let the 50 of you who have an order outstanding know that most of them will be out by August 24th. And the rest will go out the last week of August. I had to backorder some items. Many of you will get your orders just a few days after you get this letter. So please bear with me! (Dr. Vetrano's book on T.C. Fry is still in the reprinting. We must be patient when it comes to her.)

And now, I share with you how much FUN! FUN! FUN! it has been to make The Victory Veggie Vittles for you! Although there is not a lot of profit in The Vittles, there is a lot of pleasure! So many of you have reported how much more you look forward to and enjoy your veggie salads with The Vittles! Thank You for your Vittles Stories and for sharing your Vittles Delights! In fact, nearly every one of the 50 orders I will start filling tomorrow have The Vittles in the packages! And many of those are reorders!

And with this FUN! FUN! FUN! of The Victory Veggie Vittles in full progress, I decided tonight, after much pricing study and discussion with 2 Californian farmers and study of the Flash-Dried Fruit Process, to offer you... "Another Totally Unique GetWell Edible"... The Victory Fruit Fixin's!

If I ask $32.oo for 8 tight-packed, full-packed cups, I can make a modest profit margin, even with the costly shipping. I know $32.oo sounds like a lot for 1 pound. But the thing is, with the Flash-Drying Process, you will still get a lot of fruit, it is just very light because virtually all of the water is removed. With The Flash-Drying Process, the fruit is frozen in a chamber very quickly. Then, the water-ice molecules are removed. The fruit does not shrivel up; rather, it maintains its fullness, shrinking just a little, but not shriveling. And still, the fruit is UNCOOKED FOOD, with the nutrition intact. The machinery to do this costs 1/2 million $$$. Also, when you send your $32.oo/pound order, keep in mind that some of these fruits are very costly, especially the berries. And wait til you see through your jars all the vivid colors! You will see that I am making up a recipe that does not cut corners! And the jars are filled to the top! Nor will you get cheap filler fruits of mostly apples and raisins. You will get "The Full Spectrum of the 15 Fruits" named on the next sheet. My wholesale price for a few of the 15 fruits is $29.oo to $32.oo a pound! But that is offset by the lower prices of some of the others. So, Dear GetWell Friends, I believe you will LOVE The Victory Fruit Fixin'S as much as you LOVE The Victory Veggie Vittles! Do order RIGHT AWAY! Delight Guaranteed!

Now, on "The Right Website for Natural Hygiene," a fine array of "GetWell Edibles" will be offered! I sure do thank you for your enthusiasm with The Vittles! Now, try "The Fixin's!"

God's Blessings to you all!

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