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The GetWell*StayWell, America! Order Form for...


My Supplier Puts Out a Range of Low to High "Suggested Retail" Prices.

GetWell Offers WELL-BELOW "Lowest Suggested Retail" Put Out by My Supplier.

All Items Come in Sealed-Tight Bags.

5 Powders Made of Barley Grass, Barley Juice,

Chlorella, Spirulina & Wheat Grass



Subtotal Price


  BARLEY GRASS POWDER 4 cups per pound 1 pound bag


$35.oo @$______
  BARLEY JUICE POWDER 4 cups per half-pound half-pound bag


$40.oo @$______

CHLORELLA POWDER 4 cups per pound 1 pound bag

$60.oo @$______

SPIRULLINA POWDER 4 & 1/2 cups per pound 1 pound bag

$45.oo @$______
  SPIRULINA POWDER 4 & 1/2 cups per half-pound half-pound bag


$30.oo @$______

WHEAT GRASS POWDER 4 & 1/2 cups per pound 1 pound bag

$.25.oo @$______
  YOUR COST... Add up your Green Revolution Products Total: $ @$______
  Add 10% for Shipping & Handling @$______

Victoria's Notes... The word is out most of America's soils in which our food supplies are grown becomes more depleted of mineral matter with every passing year. Some recent, government-sponsored studies report that as much as 85% of the minerals once present in United States' soils in some areas are now absent from these soils. While the answer is to get to the root cause and build up the soils again, few Health Seekers are going to work toward that cause. It is not their calling. For this reason, MOST concerned Health Seekers and even MANY Hygienists are seeking some brand of "GREEN REVOLUTION PRODUCT," with the desperate hopes that they can secure some modicum of back-up nutrition to complement their vegetarian, predominately raw-food plan.

Go to THE HOME PAGE and CLICK ON... "Why Does Victoria Endorse Super Blue-Green Algae? And How Can I Do The Algae for 68% Less than Other Pay?" You find The Algae is my preferred "GREEN REVOLUTION PRODUCT."

But over the years, I have been asked many times to carry the other GREEN REVOLUTION PRODUCTS. Today, I offer these 5 products. (But they are not exactly what you could call "GREAT, YUMMY EDIBLES!") And, in concern for you and all Health Seekers, I have lowered the "Suggested Retail" price of these costly products by 1/3, making less $$$ for GetWell but more affordability for you.



Use The Shopping Cart & Your Credit Card. Or Send with a Check or Money Order to...

GetWell*StayWell, America! 1776 H The Hygiene Joy Way! Mt. Vernon, Washington 98273

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