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By Rob McKinney

My name is Roby McKinney. But to most people, I'm "MAC." In fact, that's the only name most people know me by. I'm 79 years old. I got to be that with no trouble at all one year at a time! I've managed to keep most of what I came into the world with, except my tonsils, teeth, and most of my hair. Probably, I'd still have my teeth if I'd taken better care of them.

A year ago, last June, I was re-roofing my house. It was hard work. And I found myself really tired before the job was done. And even though I rested, the tiredness did not go away. Finally, I had my son come in to help me finish the job. But even after it was all done, I stayed tired. Finally, after 3 weeks, I gave in and went to the doctor. He did some tests and an examination, after which he sent me to a gerontologist. This man gave me every test in the book scans, x-rays, liver tests, biopsies. You name it, I had it! It took 8 months! On every visit, he would do some more tests and then tell me, "Come back next month."


By this time, not only was I tired, I was dizzy, could hardly breathe. I was getting worse all the time.

I got to thinking, "This guy does not know what he is doing, and maybe I need a second opinion." So, I went to a heart doctor. More tests! And I was sent to the hospital where they ran a tube up into my heart and made an x-ray movie of the inside of my heart to see what was happening. After that, this guy said, "It looks like you will have to have new valves put into your heart." This all took another 2 months. Then he sent me to a heart surgeon. The surgeon told me he could not guarantee anything because of my age. Actually, he was telling me de did not want to do it but he was leaving the decision up to me. He said somberly: "You might live through the operation. And you might not."

I asked him how they made those heart valves. He explained to me, "They make the heart valves out of pig intestines." I asked what happens if your body rejects the pig valves. He said, "You will have had it!" At least, he was honest. My wife and I talked it over. And finally, I decided I should not have the operation, especially at my age.

Then, I got to thinking about a friend of mine, Carl Schwenden. Carl is 92. He has been on a raw food diet and has been drinking distilled water for 20 years! People make fun on him! He gets up at 4 in the morning, drives to Griffith Park, jogs 5 miles, goes home, showers and goes to work all day in his own business where he builds transformers. I knew he would have some books. I went to see him. And he gave me some literature. Reading it, I learned of the California Health Sanctuary. We made contact, and I went to Hollister.

Besides the things I have already mentioned, I had painful ankle and foot cramps so bad they would wake me up at night. I would have to walk around in the middle of the night to get the cramps to go. Also, I had arthritis in my back. X-rays confirmed all this pain. I arrived at the Sanctuary on Saturday, July 14, and began fasting on Sunday, the 15th. The next 21 days, I had nothing but distilled water and lots of rest. My leg cramps went away after the first night. The dizziness went next. The arthritis pains were gone in less than a week; and finally, after the first week, I was breathing real good.

During my fast, I got weak. However, I was in a weakened condition when I got there, having lost 40 pounds in the last 6 months. But I never got so weak I could not walk, although I did stagger around some.

After my fast ended on Saturday, August 4th, I stayed at the Sanctuary, eating, continuing to rest, and gaining strength, steadiness, endurance. The Director said I could go home after only 2 more weeks. Now, I can walk longer and farther than I have been able to in a long time and without dizziness or having to rest. I am very happy with the results! I like my new diet very much!

The only thing I have to do now is get my lower plate relined. With the weight change, it has gotten loose in my mouth.

A CASE HISTORY taken from... Naturally, The Hygienic Way, Volume IV, #2 (August, 1984)


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