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A CASE HISTORY on... Philip J. Rashid, D.D.S.

medication as I had for many years. As I relaxed and realized good things were happening, I was able to take the advice of the Director and refrain from using them.


After one week of fasting and one week of eating raw foods only, I must relate these ASTOUNDING RESULTS: (1) loss of 23 pounds, (2) normal blood pressure, (3) cleared nasal passages, (4) no more headaches, (5) open sinuses, (7) hands, feet, ankles, legs completely void of swelling, (7) normal breathing.

Going back over some of these points, I want to make some further comments. The first blood pressure reading at the Sanctuary was 190/95, as it usually was without medication. The next day, when I checked my blood pressure it was 185/100. The 3rd day, it decreased to 180/90. And the 4th day, the reading was 178/85. At this point, I put away my instruments. A few days later, the Director took a reading and found it to be 148/78. When I heard this, I thought, "Can this be true?" I was reluctant to believe this was possible without drugs! I decided to verify it with my own reading. It was 145/78. In addition to this lowered blood pressure, I discovered I was no longer having the extremely painful and daily headaches I had been experiencing before fasting. Imagine such relief!

Prior to the fast, my nasal passages were completely clogged. It was difficult, almost impossible, to breathe through my nose. During the fast, there was nasal drainage. After one week of fasting, to my surprise, I was no longer struggling for air. At the fast's end, the nasal passages were completely open; and I was able to breathe normally. Breathing was comfortable and normal. I could take a deep breath without any effort. In fact, for the first time in 10 years, I could take satisfying, deep breaths.

Back on a Bicycle!!!

Prior to fasting, I could not climb steps without heavy breathing and chest pains. Now I

experience none of the chest or carotid pressure pains which were chronic. It was absolutely impossible for me to exercise and certainly not to ride a bicycle! Within a few days after breaking the fast, I found myself riding 3 miles with no problem, whatsoever! One day, a cousin who had accompanied me to the Sanctuary rushed to the telephone, called my sister and exclaimed: "You should see your brother Phil! He just whizzed by on a bicycle and he's happy as a lark!" I was ecstatic!

Previous to the fast, upon awakening in the morning, I could not close my fingers because they were so swollen. My ankles and feet were so swollen I could hardly get into my shoes. Any little pressure on my legs would leave an indentation. After the fast, my feet are now back to normal! I can see blood vessels and bone structure! I can make a fist again! And I can move my fingers with agility! (Imagine a dentist unable to handle his fine instruments!) I am overjoyed!

When I look at myself in the mirror, I no longer see chipmunk cheeks! My long-ago dimples have returned! And I am pleased about my handsome appearance!

Lastly, I look forward to the extracurricular activities which I had curtailed for so long because of my inability to function with any degree of health. It had been customary in years past to travel to missions in Mexico, in Brazil, and near the Guatemala border to provide dental care to orphans. Now such activities can be resumed "con gusto!" And senior center activities can again be on the agenda, as can the directing and producing of theatrical productions, if I so desire. When asked what I am going to do once I return home, I reply: "I shall continue to eat raw foods, learn more about Natural Hygiene, and incorporate what I learn into my daily life." After all, joy and anticipation have been substituted for misery, drudgery, and fear of an early death! I am happier than I have been for years and can say only... "Thanks to the California Health Sanctuary and to its dedicated, loving staff."



PART I: "How Can I Get Proof that Natural Hygiene Really Works

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