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How Can I Get Proof that Natural Hygiene Really Works via Case Histories, Testimonies & Victoria's Vignettes?"

Until Our Next Visit, Dear GetWell Friends...

Since 1823 and the formal establishment of NATURAL HYGIENE as... "The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System," Hygienic Doctors, Hygienic Educators, and Hygienic Followers have been meeting with successful recoveries. The Hygienic literature is, happily, full of Case Histories and "I Got Well!" testimonies. Over the years, I have collected many, many such formal Case Histories, as well as informally gathered testimonies, and my own vignettes from GetWell Friends since 1976. In this final "GETWELL BUTTON," you may live through these many, happy recoveries. Thank God, so many had the foresight to write them up! For virtually all of the institutions from which these recoveries are drawn are now long-gone. But the Case Histories, TESTIMONIES, and vignettes live on for our use, for our edification!

Before embarking on your vicarious trip with these Out-of-The-Past Members of The Suffering Class of America, please note that virtually all of the Case Histories involved each Member taking a fast at some point. Taking a fast may certainly not be necessary for your personal recovery, if you are less than well. But because these Case Histories are drawn from Hygienic retreats and institutions, you will be introduced to Health Seekers who sought recovery that did involve a short or long fast. Do not be alarmed! If you have sufficiently studied your copy of The Health Seekers's YearBook and the information throughout this The Right Website for Natural Hygiene you will find that Hygienic fasting is not dangerous, it is not fanatical extremism, it is not a fad. Start with Dr. Shelton's most famous book for further education on the efficacy of a supervised, Hygienic fast: Fasting Can Save Your Life, followed up with The Science & Fine Art of Fasting. I know you will be amazed, fascinated, and excited by your trips down The Memory Lanes of so many Health Seekers! PLEASE, share these CASE HISTORIES and STORIES with your Loved Ones, Sick and Suffering! May your Loved Ones benefit from the miseries of these Brave Health Seekers from the past who got well! May your Loved Ones further have the courage to make the Energy Enhancing changes necessary so that they, too, may GetWell and StayWell! And remember, God wants us well! Thank You So Much for all you do as Health Revolutionists in your Corners of America!

Victoria BidWell 1776 The Hygiene Joy Way! Mt. Vernon, Washington 98273

"How Can I Get Proof that Natural Hygiene Really Works

via Case Histories, Testimonies & Victoria's Vignettes?" 2