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A CASE HISTORY on... Alfred Moses Paul

I am 89 years old. I came to the California Health Sanctuary with the feeling that I would die soon. In fact, the feeling was so strong that I had made the final arrangements for my death. All this was the result of (1) knowing my past history, (2) how I was feeling at the time, (3) what was happening to my body, and (4) the verdict given me by my doctor. The outlook was dismal. Death seemed eminent.

My past history was one of diagnosed cancer going back 35 years. It included 4 surgical operations and all the radiation my body could tolerate. All surgeries were in the area of my right knee where painful and limited tumors would reappear about every 6 months.

Recently, I had come to a point where I was feeling pain all over my body, particularly in my legs and feet. My entire right leg was enlarged and discolored. My right testicle was about 3 times its normal size, about the size of a big duck egg. It was heavy, hard, sensitive, and painful. The right side of my prostate gland was hard and sensitive. My power to urinate was impaired and diminishing. I expected it to shut off completely at any moment. I wondered what I would do when that happened.

curing vs. healing

My doctor's diagnosis was "cancer suspected surgery recommended to remove entire prostate and right testicle." For about 50 years of my life, I had believed in the NATURE CURE. In fact, in Chicago, Illinois, way back in 1921, I was a student of the famous Dr. Henry Lindlahr. I attended lectures at his institution along with Dr. Herbert M. Shelton. I did not know Dr. Shelton from anyone else at that time. I sure wish I had!

Still, with all that background, it was not until about 6 years ago, I came to really understand that curing was one thing and attempted from outside the body while healing was another thing that took place within the body and was accomplished only by the body.

When I saw this major surgery staring me in the face and having been told that my condition was urgent and that surgery must be performed immediately, that is when I backed off and, instead, called for "Higher Power" help. I called the California Health Sanctuary which I had read about in T.C. Fry's Healthful Living magazine.

I had to wait for an opening. But once there, I

knew I had done the right thing. It was a peaceful, loving environment. I began to feel a spirit of hope within me. And I began to regain confidence that perhaps I still could have some useful years of life to look forward to.

After eating their Hygienic, living foods (with no snacking) for 3 days, I began a fast on pure (distilled) water that lasted 11 days. This was followed by 3 days of freshly prepared juices. Then solid foods were introduced into my new, "Garden of Eden" diet. My fast was carefully supervised and my progress monitored. All the things that were happening to my body were explained to me, and my mind and emotions were kept quiet and calm. I was confident and free of fear.

My right leg became normal in size and color. Pain and sensitivity left. It felt absolutely comfortable and fully useful. There was no stiffness in my knee joint for the first time in years! Quite a change from having been told years before that my leg would have to be amputated or I would die! I told them at that time that if I were going to die, I would at least meet my Maker with 2 legs!

My prostate must have improved, too, because now I urinate freely; and it continues to improve. My testicle has become softer, lighter in weight, and is steadily decreasing in size. It has lost its soreness and sensitivity.

All of this seems like a miracle to me. In fact, while at the California Health Sanctuary, I have seen many miracles. Sometimes, I cannot call them anything else, even though they go on all the time there. A 14-year old girl became totally freed from severe asthma! A 33-year old man was freed from epileptic seizures and depression! A 79-year old man with serious hardening of the arteries that limited the oxygen supply to his brain was relieved and rejuvenated! These few examples simply represent many. I truly am astonished at the healing powers of Nature when Nature is given right circumstances and allowed to pursue its course.

I feel good! My hope is restored! I look forward to living out a century of useful life whole and naturally, as it is meant to be. I learned at the Sanctuary about food and fasting. I also learned about faith. I had the power of faith demonstrated to me by myself. Do not believe that old dogs cannot learn new tricks! I am the living proof that it can be done!

A CASE HISTORY taken from... Naturally, The Hygienic Way, Volume IV, #1 (July, 1984)

PART I: "How Can I Get Proof that Natural Hygiene Really Works

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