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had deteriorated to the point where doctors classified me as totally and permanently disabled.

With my health failing and the medication causing all kinds of unusual symptoms (And there were many.), I finally decided to try the program at the California Health Sanctuary. I had known about the CHS for several years; but I had resisted because of my firm belief in conventional, medical treatment as the only way to go. My wife Jody and our dear friend Lee Vasey, through whom I had first learned of the CHS, had been praying for me all this time. I just had not been able to take such a "drastic" step.

5 weeks to freedom!

I went through a 5-week program at the Sanctuary: 23 days of fasting lots of bed rest and pure water only and over 10 days of proper eating. Before going on this program, I could not be without medication for 2 days without coming down with a high fever. I knew it was doing funny things to my body, but I had become dependent on the little relief that it did bring. I had been warned that I should not go anywhere without my medication because of the potential of getting a serious infection. This was a difficult fear to overcome. Despite this, I showed up at the Sanctuary without my antibiotics and high blood pressure pills.

Then I learned an amazing thing! I could live without my medication! My blood pressure was going down. And I did not get fevers. My system was starting to clear out. My skepticism turned into amazement! To make a long story a little shorter, I will say that I was starting to feel better than I had felt in a long time! And I was not feeling better because of pills. My body was beginning to operate in the manner in which it was designed to operate. PSALMS 139:14 reads: "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made." God, as part of His perfect plan, created us in a wonderful way. And He provided the plan and the


foods that would help us live our lives in a wonderful way! Mankind has introduced many things that have hindered us in fulfilling this plan. Much of this has been done out of ignorance.

When Jody and I were first married, I had wanted meat 3 times a day. I had been raised in Tennessee on starchy and fried foods, overcooked vegetables, lots of beef and pork, gravy and bread at every meal overwhelming combinations of food. Because of my allergies, Jody began looking into more nutritious ways of eating, including whole-grained breads and unprocessed foods. Although it made a noticeable difference at the beginning, it became less noticeable because of all the medicines I was taking. Now I was to go a giant step further to the use of raw foods only. And gratefully, my wife and children took the step with me.

I cannot report that my stay at the Sanctuary has completely healed me. I only wish that I had gone through the program when I first heard of it from our dear friends, Bob and Lee Vasey from Sunnyvale, California. I believe that I would still be flying today if I had gone when I first learned about it. I waited until irreparable damage had been done to my lungs. I will never regain their full usage, but the program has allowed me to live a life that is far better than it was before! I intend to go through another fast in the near future, and I look forward to further improvement.

I thank God for the California Health Sanctuary! I highly recommend their wonderful program for anyone! My wife and I have spent much time talking about the concept of a new way of life to others. We have helped many to alter their eating habits, and there are others that we hope will go through the program before it is too late.

Yes, Friends, there is life after medication. The sooner you realize this, the better your life will be.


A CASE HISTORY taken from... Naturally, The Hygienic Way, Volume IV, #1 (July, 1984)

PART I: "How Can I Get Proof that Natural Hygiene Really Works

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