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Captain HighJoy America! at The Hygiene Joy Way Just Loves The Arnold's Way Bars!

'Toria stops out to see me countless times a day. The trailer is part of my fenceline: we live together! And I'm always calling out to her in case she tries to slip from The Barn to the trailer without a visit. I provide "Little Breaks" from her work so she doesn't slip hopelessly into workaholism again. And she provides "Little Treats" so I have variety from the grasses and clovers and berries and thistle tops in my field. Now that fall is finally here, 'Toria hands me my very favorite, an ear of sweet, fresh corn! For exercise, she gathers buckets of corn, given to us by a local farmer friend. I shocked her the other day when I even preferred fresh corn to my 5-grain mix laced with molassess! Of course, fresh corn is raw... it's sweet... it cannot be beat! Well, then, she decided to try an Arnold's Way Bar on me. One whiff and I was stopped dead in my tracks! I snatched it out of her hand! I was sold! This was not like some red bell peppers or string bean she had to practically force on me! Make no mistake about it, Dear GetWell Friends of Ours... My palate is not jaded! "You can led me to SAD food but you can't make me eat!" If it smells righteous, according to my sharp, Arab, God-given instincts, I'll jump up and down for it! Well, The Arnold's Way Bar hit the spot. I took it in 1 bite and chewed and chewed, nodding my head up and down with enthusiastic, taste-bud pleasure! Victoria hot-footed it to the phone to tell Arnold. He sent me a whole box this week, my very first U.P.S. package since Victoria introduced me to you all! Thank You for your notes and little donations just to me. You sure do know how... "TO MAKE IT FUN here at The Barn!" We are happy! High





CHOICE #1: Victoria, because this is my only order in this mailing, please send me ____ ARNOLD'S WAY FRUIT BARS for $2.5o per BAR to include the shipping. OR CHOICE #2: Because I am ordering other items in this package, GetWell pays THE FRUIT BAR postage; and I pay $2.oo per BAR. Please send me _____ BARS at $2.oo per BAR! Amount Enclosed: $___________.

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