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Captain HighJoy America!


Natural Hygiene

to Americans!

Today's Lesson:

"Beware The Medicine Men

in Sheep's Clothing!"

Pictured... HighJoy learning to count from Victoria, Fall of '99, before His Dog-Eared Day!


has really paid off! Well, the opportunity for today's LESSON appeared when and no human knows how Victoria came out one morning while I was still cooped up. And I had splattered blood from my ear all over the trailer siding! was a sight 1" of the cartilage that makes my ear stand up pointed, symmetrical, alert, and gorgeous had been torn out. My ear was sliced open, right down the middle. The raw flesh and fur was split and hanging down an open inch on both sides! I looked like a mad coyote had gotten hold of me in the full moon! Well, poor Victoria took it pretty hard. So much for form and symmetry! She considered leaving it to heal on its own. Then she decided on having it sewn up. When the vet arrived, they had to drug me to get me to stand still. That was all right. I had been drugged one other time under must worse circumstances. That time, the vet took parts of my anatomy!

So, the vet put one of his new-fangled bandages on my ear. I had that off 2 minutes after he left. Fresh air and sunshine would be just what any Hygienic vet would order! But Thank God, Victoria stood her ground when it came to antibiotics! And let me tell you, that vet used every trick in his Medical Mentality Bag to get Victoria to spend her money to poison me during my moment of weakness! I'm a young, healthy horse! I don't need any fool trying to poison me! And man did he ever put the spurs to Victoria! He appealed to the average equine sense of buckling under to authority and to her emotions of love, guilt, economy, and horse sense: "If you really care about this animal, you'll do what I say. You'll be sorry. He could get infected. The ear could get gangrene and have to be amputated. It's going to cost extra to have me come out again and take care of it. It's just sensible protection." All this was along with long looks of disapproval! He sure did try to fence her in good and saddle her up with his Medical Mentality! My ear has healed up fine, leaving me an endearing, dog-eared character! Just wish for the sake of a good story, sittin' 'round the campfire, it had been chewed up by a wily, ole' coyote and under a full moon!



I'm frisky as a summer colt turned loose in a field of purple clover to be able to talk with you again! Thank you for your letters and cards and pictures since last year! My favorite was a Christmas card with a Mama Gorilla and a Papa Gorilla, holding their newborn Baby Gorilla! Thank You All for thinking of Victoria and me!

When you read Dr. Shelton's beauty book, you will hear him talk about the natural beauty of form and symmetry. Well, I've lost a bit of that natural beauty and have traded it in for "character," instead. (My left ear bends forward and ragged.) And in the process, I picked up a lesson in Natural Hygiene to pass on to you Americans.

It all started when Victoria brought me back to The Barn this fall. Roy had taken down part of the fence to my 3 acre pasture. And I was stuck in a small, wire corral, one side of which makes up the old trailer Victoria lives in. This situation had its perks. Victoria feeds me apples or carrots out the kitchen window when she makes her daily juice! But I was stuck in a tiny space in the Skagit Valley rainy fall. My corral turned into 5" of mud hoofing. It was miserable. And it was making me crazy so cooped up! I need space to run free! And so to communicate my discontent, I would spend hours and hours every day standing with my shoe caught in the wire fence or trying to take the fence apart. I succeeded many times in these 2 pursuits. One time, I even let myself loose! The police left a message on Victoria's recorder: "Your horse has been roaming the city all night long."

Well, Roy took pity on both of us. And in a few hours of fence work from Roy and Victoria, I had my 3 acres back. "Yippee Kye Yeye!" I was impressed with Victoria that day. She and Roy were lifting huge rolls of 6 foot high chain link fencing in and out of the pickup. And then Big Roy would have Victoria unroll them out all by herself! And she could do it! Her Energy Enhancer #8 Regular Exercise Program

"Who Is Captain HighJoy America!?"7