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HighJoy to All GetWell Friends! I'm adding Some Good, Old Horse Sense to Victoria's last 2 pages. The Good Lord gave animals the easy way by which to live instincts ! He gave you the hard way FREE WILL! It makes all the difference in the world! Unless an animal's natural, God-given instincts have been perverted through extreme domestication measures and perverse penchants of his or her owners, animal instincts are reliable! We do not make mistakes. But Oh! You humans! How you can mess things up!

Now, about the subject at hoof... Let's take Mr. Greenhorn Gringo. He knows nothing about horses, but he really thinks he would like owning one and going out in nature on rides. So he starts gathering information. He's not stupid. He knows horses can be dangerous. He wants to be prepared. So he studies up in books. He talks to Horsemen. He gets on the World Wide Web. He goes to the local feed store. He joins a Pleasure Riding Club. Through all of this study and research, he gains many pieces of knowledge, data, facts, information. Now he has KNOWLEDGE. But KNOWLEDGE alone will not give him a safe ride, nor will it safeguard his horse against a Greenhorn! What Mr. Greenhorn Gringo needs next is an UNDERSTANDING of how all this KNOWLEDGE fits together to give him a safe and satisfying ride and how to take care of the horse so that those rides can continue. So Mr. Greenhorn Gringo studies this KNOWLEDGE until he suddenly says: "Ahhh ha! I get it!" Now he understands the total picture of feeding and shoeing and grooming and pasturing and fencing and tacking and saddling up and mounting and seating and walking and trotting and cantering and getting along with the horse and commanding the horse's respect and attention and dismounting and on and on and on, through all kinds of weather and all seasons of the year and on all terrains. Now he has a the big picture of what horsemanship is all about! Now he has... UNDERSTANDING! Now he decides to select his own horse and get some real experience. Now he is ready to apply all this KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING in his own


"A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast:

but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel." Proverbs 12:10


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