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from Captain HighJoy America!

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New Human Friends & New GetWell Friends

And All Dear Animals Living with The GetWell Humans

It is a great kick to finally get to meet you. I've been at The Barn since the fall of 1996 chomping at the bit for Victoria to get "High" enough for her to finally introduce me.

And "HIGH" to all The Animals across The Land. My goes out to All Animals. We Animals are either The Victims of our owners' level of consciousness. Or We Animals are blessed by our owners' level of consciousness. Victims or Blessed. Which We Animals will be is determined by THE HEALTH of The Humans with whom We Animals share our lives. The more health of The Humans, the more Nerve Energy they have. The more health of The Humans, the more awake, aware, sensitive, caring, and willing and able to caretake us the way God intended back in The Garden! So, before I go any further, Dear Animals of The GetWell Humans, please write if you have a story. inspiration... fun... glory... tenderness. Any story of love and wellness, of health and happiness, of GetWell Animals and GetWell Humans. Any encouragement from your homes and your personal experiences to share are welcome. And please, send pictures, too.

Believe me, no one is happier about Victoria's smaller body than I. I am a small horse, not a Clydesdale. That extra 100 pounds she was packing wore me down. I'm really excited about the next 40 pounds to go. Then, we will go bareback most of the time. That will mean no more 40 pound, unnatural, deadweight saddle, too. So, until we meet again on paper or in Animal and person, I promise to keep doing all I can to inspire, challenge, and bless Victoria. You can do the same, just by letting her know she is appreciated. Just 1 %phone call% or 1 -letter- from you makes all the difference in the world to us RIGHT NOW. She really needs to feel appreciated and inspired right now, as she prepares to go out in what used to be my "Old Blue" motorhome and what we now call "The Wilderness Wagon." She has it fixed up and full of supplies for January and February. And we all need to give her all the support right now that we possibly can.

My... "Millennial Eve Message"??? "Get High. Be... The Very Best Humans You Can Be. Your Creator with all your and all your mind and all your strength. Each Other. The Land. The Animals. (" " to Us Animals is always seen in how much time you spend caring for us and in your acts of kindness.) And Be A Headstrong Hygienist by instinct and by choice, both! Then, you can live with unbridled passion for health and be VICTORIOUS!"

It goes against my grain every time I think about how Humans were given Free Will. We Animals just know "the right thing to do." We have sharp instincts. Humans have weak instincts and have to choose. Most are lost in the woods, up to their knees in mud. I can teach Humans Hygiene. I spend almost all of my time out in the fresh air, and so I get plenty of sunshineY. _Summer_ and winter coats regulate my body temperature. I drink clean, Skagit Valley water. I relax and take catnaps all day and all night. I eat all my food raw. I eat only natural foods. I exercise everyday, sometimes for hours and hours. My relationships are full of . And my life has such a DESTINY. To teach NATURAL Hygiene to Americans by example. And as for Emotional Balance, "I'm an Arab. And I'm wild! no Animal's perfect." My Millennial Message? "Get High on Health."

"Who Is Captain HighJoy America!?" 6