How I Got My HighJoy Horse

Few people will disagree on the proposition that "Getting Healthy is a prerequisite to Getting High!" And so, Dear GetWell Friend, today, I invite you to examine your lifestyle practices and those in your Circle of Friends and those of your fellow Americans. Is there anything that you can choose to do differently to raise yourself Higher? And is there anything you can do to inspire those in your Circle and across your Nation to Higher levels of health, as well?

After letting myself sink so deep into my own, personal deathbed in December of 1997 and after what I have gone through to be in such a High and blessed position of ongoing recovery today, all I want to do is cry out, to serve to encourage you and your Circle of Friends and Health Seekers and Sufferers, everywhere!

You all know your Natural Hygiene. You all have The Health Seekers' YearBook and Common Health Sense. Sometime soon, before January is over, I urge you to get them out and sit down to a comfortable few hours and review the material in them where you may be falling short. Toxemia Explained and The Golden 7 Plus One would also make powerful reinforcement at this time. These few hours can help set you back on The Wagon if you have, admittedly and SADly fallen off. Or they can set your mind and heart more solidly on The Healthful Living Program that will bring you The Fruit of Peace, Love, and Joy for The New Millennium.

Please pay close attention to my repeated use of "The Physiology of Fear." When a life is dominated by the chemical messengers of fear, boredom, anger, jealousy, resentment, despair, uselessness, repressiveness, irritation, and all the other "bad guys," that life is spent in operating in the "Physiology of Fear." Even if the negative thought-feelings are low-grade and unexciting but definitely "downers" nevertheless, the life is in that fearful physiology. And Healthful Living choices will be made out of duty, rather than joy. Understand that joy is essential to health! And joy can only be had when we are in "The Physiology of Peace."

Of course, "Live each day with the chemical messengers of peace, love, and joy cascading through your biochemical, electrical system!" is easier said than done! If it were easy, The People would be everywhere, begging for even more information and practicing The 10 Energy Enhancers til they bubbled over! Do you see how very thankful we can all be on The Millennial Eve? We are among the few thousands of Americans who have The Health Knowledge to detoxify, repair, renew, and rejuvenate! Some of The 10 Energy Enhancers are hard to practice but at least, we do have The Full Knowledge! May The Peace & Joy of The Lord on High Be Unto You All, This Millennial Eve.



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Getting... Your Millennial H-i-g-h!

It's Legal! It's Abundant! It's Non-Toxic! It's Free! (12/31/99)

Many a Health Educator who is knowledgeable about how the body works especially at the level of the molecule has likened the many chemicals it produces to "a natural pharmacopeia." This was the theme of the GetWellHStayWell Affirmations for Americans! 1993 book and tapes. Their Simple Message was that the quality of our thoughts be they "uppers" or "downers," will determine the quality of the chemical messengers that the brain secretes. And the psycho-neuroimmunologists, the scientists of the 80s and 90s who specialized in this amazing study of "psyche and nervous system," have now identified the unique structures of dozens of molecules that correspond to specific "up" or "down" moods. And these uniquely structured molecules affect not only the emotions of the brain. But these scientists determined that these brain chemicals flood the body and actually give messages to every system in the body so that the digestive system, the hormonal system, the muscular system, all systems are impacted by the "up" or "down" quality of the very thoughts we choose (or allow our selves to thoughtlessly think)! These moods, therefore, determine how we feel-think at any given moment and our "Sense of Life," at all moments. Except for The Bible, therefore, no better health education book on The Millennial Eve for serious reading than GetWellHStayWell Affirmations for Americans! exists. For it teaches clearly that "Getting High!" is a matter of our daily exercise of Free Will to make choices that will access the "uppers" in our natural pharmacopeias!

The Health Seekers' YearBook taught us early in Chapter One that the body is "a biochemical, electrical system." The Bible teaches us that the body is "fearfully and wonderfully made." By Design, we are meant to live except for moments of actual, life-threatening fear in a physiology of peacefulness that inspires us to moods of the "uppers" of joy, love, goodness, gentleness, temperance, and to acts of kindness that correspond to these moods. It is neither natural nor healthy for the mind and body to be inspired to moods of the "downers" of depression, fear, malice, dangerousness, compulsiveness, and to acts of meanness that correspond to these moods. Many an instructive home video based on true-life stories and fictional renditions, alike, give The Health Seeker an inside view of a life twisted into the depths of pain by a biochemical, electrical system gone awry and of the like pain such a life inflicts on others. For starters, see: Affliction, I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can, Mr. Jones, Days of Wine and Roses. Dearest GetWell Friends We are on The Millennial Eve. And henceforth, I would love to see you to Getting High & Staying High naturally!


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