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Hi There, GetWell Friends!  HIGH Here!

One of my favorite scenes in movies of the equine genré is from Gone with the Wind. It shows a spirited and noble bay gelding hitched up to a wagon in the street of a Southern town set aflame. The heroic steed is the only hope of escape for the stranded humans. The woman at the reins cracks a whip and screams out: "MAKE TRACKS, HORSE!"

That's what we horses do WE MAKE TRACKS, everywhere we go! The Human Couch Potato is a common joke among you folks: he's all flab and belly, he's almost lost his legs (or the use of them, anyway) ; and his skin is sallow and SAD. Well, I declare: "HUMANS NEED TO MAKE TRACKS, TOO!"

Dear GetWell Friends! Don't be afraid to work up a good lather. It's one of the finest thrills of life to get the adrenaline up with a good "TRACK MAKING WORKOUT!" It's good for your heart and lungs to huff and puff. It's great when your brain chemistry kicks out endorphins and opiates that give you, like nothing else can, "THE TRACKERS' HIGH!" I'm not just horsing around when I proclaim: "This state is TRUE NATURAL HighGENE, AT ITS BEST!" And if you do it right, you will leave clouds of dust in your trail!

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"Stretches! Weight-Lifts! and Sweats!" These are the 3 fun forms of REGULAR EXERCISE all we mammals should just by our God-given design go wild for!

On the subject of putting the elastic back in your muscles and turning loose the tension inside them, I have a few favorite moves for you. First, "The Kicker." Get down on all fours. Then stretch your hind haunches by lifting one leg and slowly extending it as far straight back as you can, then hold it a few seconds, then give it a few quick, little kicks to get the kinks out. Now your other leg back. Then do your front. The Kicker is a simple stretch I always do after a good sleep: it also counts as a hefty weight-lift. Next is "The Cat." (Felines copycat me in this lazy-looking move, all the time.) While still on all fours, put your hind end as far into the air as you can get it, keep your back and arms straight. Put your head between your arms. Now pull your arms as far out in front as you can and your "hinny" as far up in the air as you can. You can give out a big "MEOW," just for fun! Finally, try "The Necker." Still on all fours, stick your neck straight out, then arch your neck while tucking your chin in close to your chest and hold. Relax. Then breathe in deep, followed by a good yawn! Stretches have their time and place. But do MAKE THOSE TRACKS, TOO!

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