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Dear Common Health Sense #3 & #4 Readers!


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Dear Common Health Sense #3 & #4 Readers!


Revolution" does burst forth across The Land to light up the skies now darkened by suffering fanned and inflamed by The Mighty Wind of God it will be all the better for a free America and all the worse for The Disease Industrialists! Health Seekers & GetWell Friends, New & Long-Standing... Get Ready! The Rip-Roaring Revolution Is Here!

This health care system has a special name: "Natural Hygiene." And its adoption into your lifestyle promises to completely revolutionize your life! For once you adopt Natural Hygiene, it will inspire in you the creation of a stronger American citizen most fit for serving and loving your fellow countrywomen, children, and men. The purpose of GetWellHStayWell, America! therefore is twofold: first, to lift up the quality of your own health to your Highest Health Potential; and secondly, to create in you a living example of a Common Health Sense Revolutionist who can so uplift others with whom you share your world.

The first step in becoming a Health Revolutionist is to seek that program which presents the truth about how to GetWell and StayWell. You have found that program in Natural Hygiene. Undoubtedly, you have already figured out that "The Medical Mentality at Its Worst" today offered by conventional doctors is neither inspiring nor guiding The American People toward our God-given inheritance of self-made Superlative Health. And although you may run across many "holistic" and "alternative" health care programs in your seeking, you will find that all of them are successful only to the degree that they approximate "The Basic Tenets of Natural Hygiene" which are firmly bedded in "The Natural, Physiological Laws of Life." For this reason, I have formally designated "Natural Hygiene" as "The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System." ("Superlative" means "best.")

The second step in becoming a Health Revolutionist is to break with any False Establishment Thinking that promotes unhealthful living habits be these habits in the areas of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the amount of rest and sleep we get, the amount of sunlight we take, the kinds of temperatures to which we are exposed, the amount and kind of exercise we get, or the emotional habits in which we indulge and the kinds of friendship environments we create. If the living habits are based on brainwashing by money-makers to keep us consuming toxic food, drink, air, and water and in pursuing toxic associates, activities, and environments, as Health Revolutionists, it then behooves us to break with The False Establishment Thinking on each point that harms us. For we cannot claim our birthright to Superlative Health unless we turn our backs on all false teachings and erroneous paradigms and downright lies and disease-promotions that have enslaved us and that are draining the health right out of us and our fellow Suffering Americans on all sides! Once we have found The Truth of Natural Hygiene, we so claim our birthright to Superlative Health by declaring before friends, relatives, God, and Country our "Health Independence." And then we continue to study Natural Hygiene Contraband and the anti-Establishment, true and timeless teachings available to us from pioneering "Health Generals" who have fought and are fighting to free America from any further False Establishment Thinking!

Dearest GetWell Friends, Please note that... The layout of your notebook features the 2 most noteworthy and notorious of these HEALTH GENERALS of the last millennium! The most famous and infamous Health General of the last century was Dr. HERBERT MACGOLFLIN Shelton (1895 - 1985). Dr. Shelton and his teachings are featured in Common Health Sense #4 to be found between red covers at the back of your notebook. THUNDER CLOUD Fry was self-sworn in as the 2nd most famous and infamous HEALTH GENERAL and promoted Natural Hygiene from the 1970's right up until his death (1926 - 1996). T.C. Fry, highlights of his life, his teachings and mis-teachings, and his untimely


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