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Welcome to The Common Health Sense Magazine and to Solid Gold Natural Hygiene! Victoria and I hope you will love this publication and that you and your friends and family will benefit greatly from it! This is not just an ordinary magazine, wherein you will find light articles devoted to current events to be read and cast aside. NO! DEFINITELY NOT!!!

This is a tome that teaches tremendous truths! It is both a primer in its opening pages and an advanced work in the following pages on "The Science of Natural Hygiene" that is to be studied and

studied, time and again. And, because it is based on

known biological and physiological principles, it will be as valid in the future for you Health Seekers as it is today. You should never want to throw away any of your golden copies!

The Common Health Sense Magazine is a work to be studied, not just read. If you are new to Natural Hygiene, read the whole thing first, even if you do not understand every concept, to get a general idea of what it is all about. Then read

Common Health Sense again, with your dictionary beside you, opened up, ready to look up words when you do not understand the exact meaning of a sentence. Then read the magazine over a third time, again using your dictionary. Lastly, read it thereafter every once in a while to reinforce the familiar concepts and to implant the new concepts deeply into your mind. You will never regret your study.

By faithfully using the dictionary often when studying Pure Natural Hygiene in Common Health Sense and elsewhere, you will experience many, life-enriching epiphanies that will dazzle you and take your breath away! These epiphanies will shine like lights suddenly flooding over a dark, remote, and foreboding area... turning it brilliant, warm, and welcome! The sudden realizations of health truths will amaze and delight you, supplying you with revelations that you would not otherwise discover!

Use the dictionary, even when you think you know what a somewhat familiar word means. Often, you will find out that you had a misconception of a word's meaning or that the word is being used in a different manner from which you are accustomed; and suddenly, the meaning of not only a word or a sentence but of an entire Hygienic concept crucial to your well-being becomes clear to you, just because you took the trouble to look up a word or two! This is a thrill! Besides, it is no fun to study when you don't understand what you are reading; and sometimes a writer must use a few technical terms to prevent obfuscation of the truth. Sometimes no other smaller, shorter, less sophisticated word choice will do! Making your dictionary your constant companion, therefore, will provide you with a much greater depth of understanding and knowledge of the subject matter. Every time you re-read genuine, Hygienic


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