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Common Health Sense

Natural Hygiene Contraband for The American Health Seeker!

Please recommend variations in summer and winter diets? · Is the peanut an incomplete protein? · Should fruits and vegetables be peeled or scraped before eating? · Should seeds and nuts be soaked to reduce their acid nature? · Why are all those tasty condiments bad for me! Some of them would sure make staying on The Ideal Diet more "do-able!" · Which kind of Hygienic salad dressing is best? · Why must we blanch almonds? · Why are heated fats and oils carcinogenic? · Why are watercress, comfrey, and parsley not Hygienic? · Why can't I snack all day on fruit, rather than just take them as a meal? ·Is raw egg yolk in orange juice in the morning Hygienic? · Why aren't chelated minerals good? · I've heard, "Grains are among our best foods." Is this true? · What effect does coffee have on vitamin C? · Is using the salt shaker really that bad? · Is Jello okay? · Can I get enough protein from vegetable juices such as carrot-broccoli? · How do I tell if I'm getting too much protein? ·I give up! I just can't live Hygienically. After 3-4 days, I just have to eat something I shouldn't. And it makes me so mad! · What are the long-term effects on teeth from citrus fruit eating? · What are your feelings about a mono-eliminating diet of oranges? · Would a Hygienic fast leave the body less sensitive to toxins? · How effective is fasting or surgery in prostate enlargement? · Will drinking more water during a fast help rid the body of toxins? · At the end of a fast, will the tongue clear before hunger returns or vice versa? · Is Carlton Fredericks right, that fasting reduces muscle mass, not fat? · Can cysts be absorbed during fasting? · What is the coating on the tongue of a fasting patient? · How do I teach a child to breathe through the nose and not through the mouth, especially when sleeping? · My Hygienic grandmother is losing her hearing. Can anything be done? · Can a hernia be corrected Hygienically? · Please discuss animal parasites, such as tapeworms and flukes and how one rids the body of them. · Please define: cysts, polyps, and tumors. · Is there a point of no return for an insulin taker? · I am taking Vitamin E, Niacin, B15 and 17, Brewer's yeast, bioflavonoids, dolomite, enzymes, hydrochloric acid, B12, potassium gluconate, and laetrile and lots of carrot juice to recover my health for the past 2 years to no avail. HELP ME! · What causes hardening of the arteries and frequent chest pains? · Is it normal to lose hair when brushing it daily? · How do you explain the lack of strong responses to toxic materials in some people? · What foods and sweet fruits should hypoglycemics avoid? · A friend's 13-year-old anemic child cannot hold down food. Would a fast help? · Do vegetarians have a blood clotting problem? · Can fasting help heal some scar tissue and make cysts and bumps go away? · Is there any Hygienic method of dealing with periodontal disease and loosening of the teeth? · If cancer is the result of years and years of wrong living, why do children develop cancer? · What precaution should I take to prevent eye-sight deterioration? · Will massive doses of Vitamin C help me get rid of a cold? · How do The 7 Stages of Disease manifest themselves in cancer of the bone marrow? · My brother is a complete slave to tobacco and coffee, plus he has ulcerative colitis and is diabetic. Can you help? · When prostate trouble has advanced to the point where urination is impossible, what do I do? · Why are tumors, once excised, "...more likely to grow again"? · I lost from 235 to 120 pounds. I would like to keep my weight at 120, but can't get below 135. HELP! · I'd like a more detailed discussion of this term: "irreversible damage." · I ate 90% uncooked food for one year after a two week fast, and my weight was 5'8" 119 lbs. I ate well. Why couldn't I gain weight? · What effects do heating pads and hot water bottles have on the body? · Please comment on the current craze for high roughage foods like bran. · How do I know when I'm genuinely thirsty or hungry? · What happens to a cortisone user? Why be weaned of cortisone gradually?


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