Abou Ben Adhem (pronounced: ah-BOO-ben-AD-em)


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Abou Ben Adhem (pronounced: ah-BOO-ben-AD-em)

Abou Ben Adhem may his tribe increase

Awoke one night from a dream of peace,

And saw, within the moonlight, sitting bold,

An Angel, writing, in a book of gold.

"What writest thou?" asked Abou.

"The names of those who love God the best," replied The Angel.

"And, Lo, is mine one?" asked Abou.

"Nay, not so," replied The Angel.

"I pray thee, then, write me down as one who loves his fellowmen."

The Angel wrote and vanished.

The next night, She returned with a great, awakening light,

And showed the names of those of whom

The Love of God hath blessed.

And Lo! "Abou Ben Adhem" led all the rest.

A"lyric" by Leigh Hunt from the last century

Dear GetWell Friends, John Bardaro is a Professor in a California college and Dear Friend. I first met John in 1985 at The California Health Sanctuary. The Medicine Men and their diagnoses and drugs had led him down a path of ill health in the 1970s. And John's encounter with and practice of Natural Hygiene not only saved his life but have rendered him vibrant and joyful ever since! John has been expressing his gratitude to Hygiene with CLOUD PLEDGES to GetWellHStayWell, America! for more than a year, as have many of you. When he read Common Health Sense #3, he spent a concerned phone call, critiquing the work. John knew T.C. Fry personally and holds him on a list of "heros," along with Martin Luther King and J.F.K. John assessed I had been too harsh on T.C. And he read me this poem to explain further his critique. Surely, T.C. had a kind spirit and a good heart when it came to his fellowmen. His works expressed that love. And although T.C. was not a Born Again Christian, surely, he is at the top of the list, along with Dr. Shelton, for having blessed us with his undying love a love that only could come from God. I hope you will forgive my me of any harshness. T.C.'s name is way up there on my list, too!

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