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(What I Never Expected when I Entered The Blue Green)

For 28 months, I have brought The Algae to well over 400 GetWell Friends. These Friends have, in turn, enrolled over 1,000 of their friends and family members in The GetWell Blue Green DownLine. I began to realize that I had low expectations for myself, my GetWell Friends, their friends, and The Algae. I was surprised time and time again. Following are foremost of those SURPRISES!

I had no idea that I would personally experience so many benefits on so many levels from eating so much of The Algae! SURPRISE! I had no idea there were so many things in my physical, mental, and emotional well-being that would improve so dramatically! Although some of these improvements did take well over a year, they were well worth my sticking in there and finding "an amount that got my attention!"

I had no idea that so many of GetWell Friends turned Algae Eaters would experience both subtle and dramatic benefits and Peak Algae Experiences of so much variety and with so much immediate speediness! I had no idea so many were struggling so dearly with their Hygiene to such a degree! SURPRISE!

I had no idea most of the GetWell Friends were having so many problems doing Energy Enhancer #5: The Ideal Diet with at least 70% of their food consumed by bulk quantity in its raw state! In fact, at least half of the GetWell Friends who enrolled in The Algae were only doing 50% all-raw or less! surprise! The first guidance given these Health Seekers was to get out The YearBook and Common Health Sense and dust them off and recommit to Hygiene and get themselves up to 70% all-raw as soon as possible!

I had no idea so many GetWell Friends were already doing so many supplement products and had been doing so many supplement products for so long! SURPRISE! So many had already been educated about the soil depletion situation far beyond me. So many GetWell Friends had already been seeking for something to take to help them reach higher levels of health. Dr. Cinque, who started himself and his patients with The Algae 6 months before me, further enlightened me. He explained the fact is that most Health Seekers were going to "take something" and that they should be encouraged by us "to take the best." That "best" is The Algae, since it is not a supplement but a whole food. Then, later, after spending 2 weeks at one Hygienic retreat (the doctor of which shall remain anonymous) and I entertained a lengthy conversation. His objection to The Algae was the network marketing. His contention was that it is not appropriate for an Hygienic doctor to be profiting from The People via a network marketing system. In the next breath, he did say he had assessed Super Blue Green Algae as being among the best of products to take if a Health Seeker were, indeed, planning to take a product to counteract the depleted soil situation, at all!

I had no idea that the addition of small amounts of a nutrient-dense food could make so much difference and so many differences in the well-being of a Health Seeker! SURPRISE! And I had no idea how much there was to learn about The Algae and its related fields! SURPRISE! For instance, I had no idea the soil depletion situation was so sad. The more I study, the more I realize that no matter how intensely I study The Algae and how far down to the molecular level I get in that study, I will never be able to identify exactly what it is about The Algae that brings the enormous benefits to us! surprise! So for now, I go by the Personal and Peak Algae Experiences of my GetWell Friends. I am sold.

I had no idea how much gratitude was to be harvested on a daily basis by working directly with Health Seekers! WOW! For years at The Barn, I had been picking up orders in the mail, filling orders, writing, sending out News Bulletins, and talking at length directly on the phone with Health Seekers and guiding them directly. Truly, it is this direct touch which is so gratifying! When I began talking with 20 Health Seekers a day, instead of 20 a week in the pre-Algae days, I began to really feel the gratitude. And gratitude is one of my primary inspirators and motivators! Not only would I talk with these new Algae Eaters daily, but I would get to be part of their GetWellHStayWell Program and monitor their progress! The Algae Business had actually brought me closer to The People in these last 28 months than I had ever been! SURPRISE!


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