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Super Blue Green® Algae Tidbits!

GetWellHStayWell, America!

An Independent Distributor #121593-121602

About "The Depleted Soils" Situation

Many people today realize that because of faulty agricultural practices, tons of minerals from the top soil have been eroded from The American Lands and then carried into the waterways or swept up into the airways to ultimately wind up in the ocean. As a result, the vast oceans have become depositories, while our food-producing lands have become depleted. Some have opted to add ocean foods to their diet, in the form of seaweeds or fish, in order to recapture the minerals lost. It is important to realize the same redepositing of mineral-rich soil, volcanic ash, and dust has occurred in The Klamath Lake Basin! Seventeen "Rivers of Light" feed into Klamath Lake, carrying minerals from many miles around. Additionally, approximately 5,000 years ago, a volcano blew off its top an explosion estimated to have been several times more powerful than Mount Saint Helen's of recent times. Geologists estimate that this grand burst deposited 35 feet of mineral-rich dust on the Klamath Basin floor. Then, through the years, run-off from melted snow has deposited minerals in this same Basin system. The result is that there is a mineral-rich deposit 35 feet deep at the bottom of Klamath Lake! Also, this Basin system has been kept free of home and industrial sites and their concomitant waste. There are several reasons why the Klamath Lake blue green algae is superlative compared to the algae growing in the ocean. For one, the oceans and their produce are salty, and the fresh water blue green algae of Klamath Lake is not. For another, the oceans are more or less polluted and some sea waters are notoriously dirty while Klamath Lake is about the cleanest lake in the world! Finally, the Super Blue Green® Algae is every bit as mineral rich if not more so than any sea vegetables growing in the ocean!

Algae A Fit Food for Humanity

You may ask: "Is it a normal practice for humans to eat bacteria and algae?" The answer is "YES!" In a state of pristine nature, much algae consumption would happen without direct intent. There would be a flora of algae on the surface of the foods eaten and contained within the water supply. Today, our foods are grown with chemicals that destroy the microbial life of the soil. And, as a result of all the spraying, washing, waxing, etc. that is done to commercial produce, and because of the delays due to shipping and storage, the normal, algal surface ecology is lost. Eating Super Blue Green Algae products is a way to restore that balance. The fact is that the algae was harvested and consumed by Klamath Indian tribes for centuries, as their folklore tells.

Algae in Antarctica

Over 5,000 of the over 200,000 Cell Tech distributors attended The August Celebration (their yearly big bash) at Klamath Falls in 1996. Featured was a team of 2 Antarctic explorers who trekked on skis 1,500 kilometers, each pulling a 365-pound sled of supplies! Super Blue Green Algae was a prominent part of their diet. The video of this trek is truly awesome and inspires us to rise to our dreams and fulfill them!

Gold Medalists Eats The Algae!

You may be interested to know that Dan O'Brian, the Olympic athlete who won the Gold Medal in the decathlon for The United States, has been a long-time user of Super Blue Green Algae. For several years, it has been part of his training-dietary regime. What is most interesting is that on race days, he consumed nothing but Super Blue Green Algae and water between events. (The decathlon is a grueling 10-event competition.) Now, Dan O'Brian is being hailed as the greatest all-round athlete alive! Cell Tech was honored to have him attend their August Celebration right after the Olympics.


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