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How I Overcame..."The Blue Green Blues!"

It was July of '95. the person who eventually became my Upline sponsor had just contacted me by phone and by letter with the excitement of his Hygienic friends and patients who had recently added Super Blue Green Algae to their Healthful Living Programs with highly gratifying benefits! Unlike me, this person is not easily excited being "The Rational Doctor" and often depressed, his over-riding mode. But he was excited that day! He said I just had to try The Algae for myself.

Well, Dear GetWell Friends, the truth was... up to that day... I had never once been involved in a network marketing system, I had never once ordered anything through the U.P.S. with a credit card, and I had never once done supplements in pill form since the day I had discovered Dr. Shelton's teachings and Natural Hygiene the summer of '76. So, I already had "The Blues" about The Algae before it even came to my doorstep. The fact is that if this person had not sent my first package of Blue Green to me at his cost, I may not have been able to overcome "The Blue Green Blues" and pay for what I assessed to be some over-inflated supplement product from some hyped up network scheme! I was no Sucker! Nevertheless, I had valued this person in Hygiene since 1976; and it wasn't going to cost me a dime to just try the stuff. Right? Still, the box sat unopened when it arrived at The Barn for 10 days. Then, I opened the box and took out the Alpha, the Omega, the Enzymes, and the Acidophilus and let them sit again unopened for another 5 days. On the 6th day, I opened the Alpha and Omega, poured the little blue-green, freeze-dried tablets into my hand and stared down into my hand with a very weird feeling, like an alcoholic who secretly knows how bad alcohol is for him when he stares into his drink and sees his poison downfall, just waiting to do him in. I was betraying what Shelton had taught me! It felt very wrong! And the stuff smelled nasty! I had "The Blue Green Blues," for sure! After a few days, I calledmy sponsor: "Don't you feel weird when you unscrew these bottles? Doesn't it feel wrong to pour these tablets into your hand and swallow them?" His answer was simply for me to review the benefits of The Algae, to remind me of the depleted soil situation, and to urge me to start in so that I could experience the benefits waiting for me. I still couldn't bring myself to swallow the tablets until Erin Maxwell in my UpLine visited me for 7 days to teach me all she could about The Algae. She actually had to put before me The Algae in one hand and hold out a glass of water in the other until I figured there was no way out! Now, that's a clear-cut case of "The Blue Green Blues" if not pure, plain "Blue Green Phobia"!

And benefits did come benefits I now call "Peak Algae Experiences." I've shared them with you for 28 months. As soon as the benefits started accruing, I overcame "The Blue Green Blues" totally. One more significant event forever sealed the door shut on my Blue Green Blues. I have kept very few mementos that were my Mother Marie's, a special depression-glass-green pitcher being among them. Today, when my Blue Green arrives at The Barn, I open the 480 tablet bottles of Alpha and Omega and pour them into Marie's pitcher. Then, I stir the Alpha and Omega up properly into a mix. On a daily basis, I use a tiny cup and scoop out "the amount that gets my attention." That way, I don't have to deal with the weirdness that screwing open bottles brings to Sheltonian Hygienists. This way, I don't have to count tablets each day, either. Marie's pitcher sits amongst my glass jars of nuts and seeds presenting The Algae as "a food" that serves to nurture me.


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