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Exactly How The Super Blue Green Algae

Fits into The Vegetarian Raw-Food Plan

Note the 4 categories from the previous page into which food may be classified: Vegetarian Foods, Super Blue Green Algae, True Transition Foods, and foods from The Standard American Diet. In making your decision to add Super Blue Green Algae to your healthiest food plan, you need to understand exactly how the Blue Green fits. And you need to understand why the addition of Super Blue Green Algae may be considered exciting and beneficial in your successfully seeking Superlative Health. Let me explain. First, consider the 4 food categories once again in the following:

For review: First, there are The 3 Healthy Food Categories:

#1.VegetarianHRaw Foods:

Fresh, Raw, Wholesome, Non-Toxic

Fruits & Vegetables, Nuts & Seeds,

Whole, Not Processed in any way!

#2.Super Blue Green Algae

It is RAW, fresh & freeze-dried.

#3.True Transition Foods

(These are processed in some way,

even if just sliced, shredded or juiced;

or they are toxic to some degree.)

Then... there's the conventional way to eat...

The Standard American Diet:

Meat, Dairy Products & Eggs;

Grains (mostly refined); Refined

Sugars & Oils; Fruit& Vegetables

(mostly overcooked, processed &

chemicalized). The SAD Diet is highly

condimented, salted, chemicalized cooked

& seasoned with toxic foods & etc., etc.


Take whole fruits and vegetables DAILY. Take 2 -4 onces of nuts/seeds DAILY.

Vetetarian, raw foods are not processed in any way - not even freeze dried.

Eat Super Blue Green Algae DAILY.

Eat vetarian, unprocessed foods as often as possible. Take the True Transition Foods seldom. Eat cooked foods just once a day. Ideally, work towards all-raw days!

Get off the SAD Diet completely. Get onto vegetarian, raw foods and Super Blue Green Algae DAILY and True Transtions Foods as seldom as possible, if at all, for whole days at a time.

Recall "The Blue Green Algae Story." Algae was found to be neither plant nor animal, yet like them both. In reality, the algae fit more properly into a phylum of their own. So too, is the Super Blue Green neither unprocessed nor True Transition, yet like them both. Likewise, the Algae fits more properly into an healthy food category of its own. For although the Super Blue Green is like vegetarian-raw foods in that you eat the Algae DAILY, it is, nevertheless, like a True Transition Food in that the Algae has been processed through freeze-drying, just like most True Transition Foods are processed in some way. And since a food is only considered the healthiest if it has undergone no processing, the Blue Green cannot be put in category #1 above. (It is, nevertheless, to be eaten DAILY and it is RAW, as arefoods in category #1.) And unlike True Transition Foods of which you are cautioned to eat seldom, you are advised to eat Blue Green daily so that you secure that Superlative Nutrition found only in algae, procured ideally from Cell Tech, harvested exclusively from Klamath Lake. Thus, the Super Blue Green Algae is in a category all its own as it assumes its proper place in the healthiest food plan possible.


"Why Does Victoria Endorse Super Blue Green Algae?" 10