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Super Blue Green Algae IS... a Food!

From GetWell StayWell, America! An Independent Distributor #121593-121602

What Is a... "food"? I propose the Following Criteria:

#1... It must contain a broad array of nutrients needed by the body in an organic context.

#2... It follows from #1 that a food must, therefore, be alive or once have been alive.

#3... It must be virtually free of noxious substances (No food may be "the perfect food" in this regard.)

#4... It must be readily digested and assimilated.

Super Blue Green Algae Meets All 4 of These Criteria:

#1... The Algae contains a wider array of nutrients than virtually any other food. No food comes closer to being "complete" than Super Blue Green Algae. Per unit volume, it contains more nutrients than nearly any other food. The Algae protein is perfect for human needs, superior to that of the whole egg. The Algae fat is rich in essential linoleic and linolenic acids. The Algae contains nearly all known vitamins and is the only reliable, naturally occurring, vegetarian source of Vitamin B-12. The Algae contains nearly many major minerals and trace elements in naturally chelated, organic form. The Algae is rich in anti-oxidants and protective phytochemicals.

#2... The Algae lives, photosynthesizes, "swims," and spends its life, soaking up sunlight and absorbing minerals into a nutrient-dense plant that Cell Tech makes available as food for Health Seekers. The Algae look like miniature green vegetables without root systems. Miniature greens that float freely near the surface of the water to soak up sun and then that empty their oxygen vacuoles to dive to the Klamath Lake depths where they feed on the volcanic ash minerals deposited there thousands of years ago. In fact, if you watch the close-up, full color video of "The Algae in Action" with relaxing music in the background you will be watching a chlorophyll-in-the-making ballet that absolutely takes your breath away! And yet, with all of this visual and sensual majesty going on, it is also a scientific fact that no other plant food receives more natural sunlight and manufactures more chlorophyll than does blue green algae. And no other food product serves The Health Seeker so well as does our Super Blue Green Algae.

#3... Blue Green products have been found through earnest and unceasing scientific testing to be virtually free of all known toxins and pollutants. There have been no exceptions to these findings, and the testing will go on indefinitely. The same most certainly cannot be said of supermarket produce!

#4... The Algae is approximately 97% digestible, higher than that of nearly any other food. The non-cellulose cell wall of The Algae makes it far more digestible than fibrous, green vegetables.

Because Super Blue Green Algae is freeze-dried soon after it is harvested from Klamath Lake, tested, and cleaned, it is still a raw food. Never, is it allowed to be heated above 90 degrees. Therefore, in addition to having intact vitamins and minerals, it contains all of its raw food enzymes, bioflavinoids, and polypeptides (such as glutathione) that are normally found in raw food but easily lost in cooking.

Super Blue Green Algae is not only a "food." It is a "virtually unsurpassed food," providing a greater nutritional bounty than nearly any other known food on this planet!


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