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GetWell Friends! ! Peak ALGAE Experiences from GetWell Friends Who Ate Enough ALGAE. . . to Get Their Attention!

Presented & Edited by Victoria BidWell & Written by an Upliner

From GetWell StayWell, America! An Independent Distributor #121593-121602

Peak Algae Experiences from GetWell Friends!

A Health Seeker of long-standing in Florida has had an inflamed ear for quite some time. She tells us that after introducing the Super Blue Green Algae into her diet, she has experienced more health benefits on the Algae than ever experienced with fasting.

We have at least 75 Happy Algae Eaters who have noticed marked improvements in their sleep patterns. Interestingly enough, those who once had difficulty sleeping are now sawing logs like there's no tomorrow, while those with histories of oversleeping now require much less sleep! In truth, there is nothing miraculous about this at all. The Algae simply supports the body in carrying out its moment-to-moment tasks with much greater efficiency due to its rich complement of minerals, vitamins, and other micronutrients, many of which are lacking in today's pitifully deficient agricultural products.

We have also documented numerous reports of people who no longer suffer the "afternoon slump" to which they have grown so accustomed. In fact, I am one of them. Yesterday, for example, I worked a solid 15 hours, only stopping to eat and to perform heavy weight-training for an hour and a half. My mental acuity and energy levels were SUPER right up until I decided to call it "a day." Though lots of our GetWell Friends claim to have much greater energy, I have not noticed this personally. The steady, calm, centered, balanced focus of my energy levels, I HAVE NOTICED! I am only one of many Hygienists who has reaped this benefit. Join us. With a 60-day MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, why wouldn't you?

We have a GetWell Friend in the Northeast who tells us his confidence to do new things and to take on life's new challenges has grown measurably since eating the Algae and continues to do so. He says he is feeling stronger every day! Felt like that lately?

Among the most interesting of Peak Algae Experiences is Rick's in North Carolina and what happened to his friend's aging rooster when Rick passed some Algae into the rooster's meal! The old pet rooster had long ago stopped crowing. To hear Rick tell it, within days of slipping the Algae into his meal, the rooster started announcing the dawn and his virility with powerful crowing once again! Cock-a-doodle-do to you, too, Mr. Rooster!

Tom Fields in New Jersey tells us his 12-year old son, Justin, has been excitedly hitting the books since adventuring into Algaeville! The son also sent us a tape of his Peak Algae Experiences to share with all of us. WOW! Can you say... "MOTIVATION!"?

Another of our GetWell Algae Family, a Texas Darlin', happily reports that she is waking up earlier, refreshed, and going right to work on all kinds of old, unfinished projects. Dorothy says she has much more endurance than she did in per pre-Algae days. She actually said she is a bit concerned she may be working too much, but she is really enjoying getting so much done with her days! Got any unfinished projects around?


A GetWell Floridian Friend tells us that she feels wonderfully balanced and harmonious since introducing the Algae into her daily diet. She also notes that her usual post-exercise slump is gone! My exercise continues to improve, as well. I work out longer and harder and now have the energy and drive to hit it hard, every single day.

We've had one report after another of improved digestion due to the Algae's blessed introduction to the body. It seems to be, again, a result of the many minerals known to be lacking in our ravaged and depleted topsoils! How is your digestion?

An Hygienic massage therapist in Massachusetts, Lydia, reports that her lower back pain of long-standing no longer aggravates her this after eating the Algae for just one month! The slight muscle twitches she's been experiencing are now also a thing of the past.

Stephanie and her Hygienic husband and 3 children just remodeled their new Atlanta home complete with Victory Kitchen, housing neither stove nor oven! She says their energy levels have been so high and consistent, they did 4 month's worth of work in 1 month! Amazing what we can do when we meet our precious bodies' needs! Isn't it?

Nancy has had a rash for 20 years that dramatically improved just weeks after taking The Algae Plunge! She also joins our growing ranks of people who have noticed a pleasant and welcome desire for vegetarian-raw foods.

One of our East Coast Algae Eaters is happy to report that postpartum vaginal dryness she was experiencing has completely cleared up. She feels so good in her Algaefied body, she has gone shopping for new clothes to celebrate!

Finally, we come to numerous people who tell us the addition of the Algae helps them stay with the vegetarian-raw food plan. They all agree that they just did not seem to be satisfied with an Algae-less, vegetarian plan because it does not provide all the nutrients their bodies need. They now understand why they would eat what was supposed to be a healthy, balanced, raw meal and still have an appetite for more they were undernourished before the Algae!

CONCLUSION Super Blue Green Algae is a superlative complement to the raw food, vegetarian food plan and rightly belongs in the daily regimen of The Health Seeker. We've got more Algae Stories to share with you, and we look forward to hearing yours one day soon so that we can share them with others. Call us. And do take advantage of the full, 90-day MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!

GetWell StayWell, America!

An Independent Distributor

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