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"My Peak Feet Algae Experience!"

From... Victoria BidWell
May of '96

My itching foot remained in that "much, much, 70% better mode" right up until March of '96. In March, after personally filling the orders for Common Health Sense, I was exhausted! I retreated to a friend's house to rest. During a 4 week stay, I did all the right things in the proportions my body needed. I slept or napped 12 hours a day and rested the other 12 hours, adding regular exercise the last 2 weeks. I wore no shoes or socks the entire time, soaked my foot several times a day, and took sunbaths all the while eating vegetarian-raw foods and eating Super Blue Green Algae daily. Today, I am happy to report that I have much happier feet! 95% healed! I still keep the scratching-loofas stashed around the house, but I seldom use them. The fact is that once every two or three weeks, I feel a series of tingles, a tempting itching, a definite irritation to which I must respond; and I have a desire to grab a loofa and scratch hard, like in the "Before Algae" days. It is just enough of a signal to tell me that the healing is not yet complete, just a phantom, ghost-like memory of a wound flaring up every few weeks. The nerve damage that, at its worst, left the soles of my feet with a numbing sense of touch has regenerated to the point that I feel like large calluses cover the area. The feeling is there, but the sensitivity is not fully restored, and I am aware of the odd feeling when I put my attention on it. And so, today, I claim my Peak Feet Algae Experience as... "all but completely healed!"

From... Victoria BidWellHMarch of '98

Today, I claim a completely Algaefied set of well feet! The nerve damaged on the soles has regenerated probably as far as it will ever do, leaving just a slight sense of thickness between me and what I touch with them. About half of each big toe nail has been saved. After cutting away dead nail pieces and sanding down the nails and cleaning away layers of dead skin, my feet are beginning to take on a natural, well appearance. At their worst, these feet were gory and hideous to behold! And those reoccurring ghostly itches are completely gone! The skin is taking on a healthy, rosy look. The other nails are growing back with a normal thickness and with healthy coloring. And I am no longer virtually crippled or tied to my stash of loofas wherever I go. All this from the moment I began The Algae! It did take time for this complete healing to take place. And I know it was The Algae that brought me to complete healing, because when I would experiment and stop The Algae, my feet started reversing; and symptoms would start up again.

To those of you who have never had a bothersome situation like this, such a healing may not seem noteworthy! But I have friends who won't ever go barefoot because of the sight of their feet! Some have been plagued with a hardy form of foot fungus for many years. Here is good news for them! Now they can try The Algae and see!

From... Victoria BidWell September of '95

Because of the many benefits they experience shortly after adding The Algae to the food plan, The Happy Algae Eaters come to think of the Super Blue Green Algae as a staple grocery item. They gladly add Blue Green to their monthly grocery shopping lists. As Daryl Kollman puts it in one of his tapes: "You will find an amount of Algae to eat that will get your attention." That is, there is an amount you eat that brings subtle and/or quite dramatic benefits to your awareness.

Now, after eating the Super Blue Green Algae for nearly 2 months, I have one most dramatic "Algae Experience" to share with you. My left foot had been inflamed and hurting, with open and itching sores, for a long time... going on 2 years, in fact. Both Dr. Scott and Dr. Vetrano speculated that the sores had become "a vicarious avenue of elimination." Fasting helped only momentarily. During a long, dead-of-winter drive 1 & 1/2 years ago, my foot, wrapped in a thick sock, a fur boot, and positioned near the hot pick-up heater for 9 straight hours of driving, started to cook... while I remained too preoccupied to notice. Suddenly, the foot felt like a porcupine had just cast all its quills into my foot at once! I slammed on the brakes and jerked the pick-up over to the side of the road and tore off the sock and boot to find water blisters bursting all over my foot and toes and in between the toes! And for the next 1 & 1/2 years, this foot itched and burned and oozed like crazy! The foot stayed cracked open and turned bloody raw in several places, sometimes making me limp for weeks at a time. Dr. Cinque diagnosed my foot as fungus-infested, a resilient form of athlete's foot. In time, it spread to the other foot; and then the fungi began killing off the large toenails of each foot. You've seen the yellow-green, thick nails that raise up, thicken, and then die? It was miserable! The itching was horrific! And scratching with a stiff loofah which I could not resist resulted in indescribable pleasure followed by bloody pain! Scabs from the scratching would take weeks to heal over. Certain nerve damage had also taken place, as layer upon layer of surface epithelial skin had peeled off. I definitely had lost normal feeling on the soles of these feet.

Well, I am happy to report that my foot is much, much, much better 70% better but not completely itch-free in my first 6 weeks of getting Algaefied! WHAT A RELIEF! Was it the high concentration of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and proteins in the Blue Green that my body desperately needed to create an internal balance and that served to facilitate the GetWell processes which then eliminated this chronic inflammation??? Who can really say for sure??? Was it the exceedingly high chlorophyll content which serves to create an environment that fungus cannot abide??? That is Dr. Cinque's speculation. Let's just say that I am grateful for this experience and that I am definitely going to keep on "eating the Algae"!


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