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From GetWell StayWell, America! An Independent Distributor

Collected Case Histories

of Algaefied Friends from across The Land!

In Many States across The Nation Many in The GetWell Algae Family have noticed that they are noticeably, wonderfully, even miraculously more tolerant of other people their differences, their eccentricities, and even their near-impossibilities!

In Michigan A woman has suffered with stuffy sinuses for years. Today, after adding Algae to her food plan, she breathes through clear and open sinus passages. She is tickled with the ease of breathing she now experiences.

In Pennsylvania This man has had an open sore that has been inflamed and hurting for years. It is finally getting well.

In Georgia An Algaefied Homemaker so far into the all-vegetarian-raw food plan that she has neither stove nor burner in her Victory Kitchen speaks metaphorically to us. She tells us that she can feel "The Clean Lake" inside of her. She feels clear in her thinking and clean in her body. She loves the Algae!

In New York A dentist says he feels "tuned in" and that he has never felt more alive and youthful! He believes the Algae is... "The Missing Link in Superlative Health and Nutrition!"

In California A woman no longer gets "edgy" when she gets hungry since she started the Algae. She adds that her digestion has improved dramatically.

In New Jersey This man wakes up earlier and more refreshed, like so many others. His memory has not only improved, but he is experiencing a youthful feeling, and the positive memories of his younger days are coming to him with clarity and happy impact!

In Texas This GetWell Friend is a tri-athlete who routinely takes 4-hour workouts. She has noticed a steady rise in her energy levels. Her eyesight has improved. She no longer needs to search for reading glasses every time she reads. She has not discarded them completely, but she definitely does not need them so frequently when she reads!

In California This woman, in her 70s after a month and a half of getting Algaefied has been able to walk again without an aid or assistance for the first time in 6 incapacitated months!

n Louisiana This mother's baby sleeps better since she has been fed the Algae. The baby is more peaceful, too.

In Florida A woman reports no after-exercise slump! She feels great! Also, 2 years ago, she hurt a spot in her tailbone that has refused to mend and has been giving her problems ongoing. After a few, short weeks with the Algae, her tailbone spot feels as good as new!


In Florida This woman after eating Algae for a month reports several wonderful benefits: a full satisfaction for sweets with the BG Bites, feeling stronger and more calm and more stable, loss of dry skin replaced by more naturally moisturized skin, and disappearance of scaly skin. After only a month, she is, needless to say, EXCITED to find out what the future Algae Months will bring to her life!

In Texas A Happy Algae Eater and GetWell Friend slipped some of the Algae to her friend whose main complaint in life were needlelike sensations in his toes. Within weeks of Algae eating, this man is free of these unpleasant sensations and grateful!

In Illinois This man now eats about half the amount of food on which he had been gorging. His appetite "feels normal." His digestion "feels normal." And he "feels much healthier."

In North Carolina A woman with weak, chipping, breaking, thin fingernails reports strong, healthy, normal looking fingernails and is delighted just for this one benefit!

In Pennsylvania An Algaefied Friend sums up the common denominator for all Algaefied Friends: "I feel better all over!"

A Letter from Lois Annechini-Moore in Pennsylvania

My Dear Victoria,

I hope all is great with you at The Barn! It is 4 months on Algae for me now. My cooked food intake has decreased from 20% to 10% with many days all raw in a row.

Today I write to report the following:

· I have better muscle focus in my weak eye.

· My teeth are stronger.

· My lungs feel cleaner.

· Weakness and discomfort in my wrists have greatly diminished.

· I have no more pre-menstrual symptoms.

· According to my study of the Algae, I am insuring more superior nutrition with Algae in my daily food plan. I feel my body recognizes this addition of the Algae instinctively as I am much happier with the vegetarian, mostly raw food plan than ever! My body reflects this naturalize, nutritionally dense feeding process: when I look in the mirror and see and feel a healthier reflection!

· My knee joint is stronger.

· My energy has improved.

· I sleep better.

· I am happier and more stable.

In the beginning, I was eating 6 Omegas and 8 Alphas a day. Now, I feel stable and energetic with 2 Omegas and 1 Alpha. I am gradually improving. I keep re-evaluating my Healthful Living Program of The 10 Energy Enhancers and Algae. At this point, I say that together The 10 Energy Enhancers and the Algae all have helped me!

I AM Algaefied! Love, Lois


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