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From GetWell StayWell, America! An Independent Distributor

Collected Case Histories

of Algaefied Friends from across The Land!

In South Carolina A woman in her mid 40s noticed that after adding the Algae to her food plan, she does not tire so easily, anymore. She sleeps deeper, sleeps better, and has more mental clarity. (Of course, we hear that all the time.) She especially like the Cell Tech Smoothies and the BG Bites!

In Oklahoma After starting on the Algae, our Friend wrote: "I know you must get hundreds and hundreds of testimonies! But I'll give you some more. First of all, my husband's mood swings that made life difficult for all of us are greatly diminished. And secondly, I no longer suffer with menstrual cramps! I ate my first bite of Algae on Monday evening. I started my cycle on Thursday. After 34 years of painful menstruation, I have just had my first period with no cramps! I am shocked and delighted at the same time! All I can wonder is: "Why hadn't I heard about this wonderful Algae sooner?' Also, I must report that the popping and crackling in my ears has stopped. I sleep better. I need less sleep. I am calmer. My 2 and 3 year old boys are also eating the Algae. They are getting along better. They got along well before. But now it is even better! They are both calmer. It is also easier for me to stay with the vegetarian-raw food plan. What can I say? The Algae is definitely... 'A Family Affair!' THANK YOU!"

In Massachusetts A parakeet was losing not only his feathers but his zest for life. He went around lack-lustered and feather-busted, sad and songless. He had quit flying in his large cage and had taken to leaning on the cage bars, staring at the floor for hours at a time, as if he were seriously contemplating suicide. All The Happy Algae Homemaker in The GetWell DownLine did was spray some dissolved Algae on the decrepit and forlorn parakeet's food seed block. Within days after the bird started eating the Algae-sprayed seeds, he took out a new lease on life! Today, he is once again flying around in his cage, singing, and sprouting a rich coat of new feathers!



In New Jersey A woman we know cares for and loves 14 cats! Her favorite cat gets to sleep with her, while the others slumber in nooks and crannies throughout the house. This woman was heart-broken when her most favorite of all the 14 cats started getting mangy-looking and acting listless and smelling bad. The Thoroughly Algaefied Homemaker fed the favored cat 1 full Alpha capsule, sprinkling the powder on his food. Three days later, she woke up, still half way in Slumber Land, and was surprised to see one of the other 13 cats had usurped the prized place of her favorite. His coat was smooth and silky, he was alert, and he smelled just like a good cat should! Once she realized that it was her favorite, formerly mangy, lifeless, stinky cat that had been given a brand, new life... she got excited, called her daughter over, and exclaimed: "Look at Charley! Look at how good he looks!" You can be sure that "The Cat that Got Algaefied" has these 2 Homemakers eating more than their fair share of the Super Blue Green!

In Oregon A young man tells

us he feels more balanced, stronger, and has been experiencing better sleep. More energy, more vivid dreams. The calmness and serenity and quietude of "The Lake" from which the Algae is harvested seems to be passed from Klamath Lake through the Algae to him. He feels calm and peaceful like Klamath Lake, itself. Of course, we know he speaks only metaphorically and that the added calm and serenity is due to the added high-nutrient complement in the Algae. It is, nevertheless, a beautiful metaphor to help us picture calm and peace in our physiology at its most deep and most silent best!

In Anonymity A husband and wife team in their 70s were both deep in the doldrums when they skeptically enrolled with GetWell for the Algae. They were not hopeful, exactly but felt they had nothing to lose with the 60-day money-back guarantee. The first 3 times we talked after they had begun with the Algae, they were still in those dark doldrums. Shortly after the 3rd follow-up phone call and well into the second month, however, they have gotten to the point that friends come up to them in awe, marvelling about their optimistic personality changes! They have turned positive, powerful, sweet-tempered, and fun to be with!

In New York This highly active, middle-aged man who has already reported several Algae benefits previously mentioned, gives us a new one today. This man is a swimmer. And he tells us that since taking The Algae Plunge, he has a greater oxygen consumption capacity and is now able to hold his breath under water longer and expel it more evenly for a longer period of time than in his pre-Algae days!

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