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Premenstrual Miseries Gone! The Algae To The Rescue!

In 1995, I received a tape in the mail about a food that was being harvested from the wild that was free of pesticides, herbicides, and any interference from agribusiness. Being naturally curious and an advocate of eating a whole, natural-food diet, I was always seeking anything that could rescue me from my "monthly crisis" painful menstrual period. I listened to the tape. The food was Super Blue Green Algae. Many of the reported benefits were the following: increased energy, more mood stability, improved digestion, better sleep, stronger athletic stamina, clearer skin, reversal of numerous dis-ease symptoms that run the gamut, etc. I was totally skeptical. I had heard all these claims before from many other products' manufacturers, but this was "a rich food," and it came with a money-back guarantee, so I decided to give it a try.

Let me briefly share my history. Since the age of 15, I had suffered terribly with the classic and severe pre-menstrual miseries. Two weeks before my period, I would begin to bloat; my breasts would gain a whole size and be very tender. I had to have a different set of jeans to wear during the week prior to my period starting because I would gain an average 8 pounds of water. Two days before menstruation, I would begin getting light cramps. Forty-eight hours later, I might as well have been hit by a truck because the pain came on so suddenly and came in waves so violent that I couldn't stand up straight! Within an hour of onset, I would be doubled over on the bathroom floor writhing in pain! No brand of over-the-counter substance would begin to take the edge off the intense cramping. Then, the vomiting would start, combined with diarrhea (all the water being released). My periods would last at least 7 days, with the first 2 being the worst and the remainder just heavy bleeding. Sound like fun? This was pretty much how it remained on a monthly basis for the next 10 years.

At age 25, I began to get a bad headache each month on the left side of my head 24 hours prior to the start of my period. It would slightly blur my vision and almost numb the left side of my face and last about a day. No conventional relief substances would phase it. Now combine the horrible cramps with the headache, and you can begin to see how I had to plan my schedule these 2 days each month. I lived in dread of those 48 hours of misery.

So it went for the next several years. The cramping did get a little better, though, the older I got. And I have to believe that the great increase in my activity level, vegetarian diet, and Hygienic Living helped some. I did still have cramps so bad that I couldn't walk or stand straight up, and those would last for several hours, and I still had the headaches!

Now, let me tell you what happened to my body when I began to eat The Super Blue Green Algae! For those initial 30 - 60 days were nothing short of miraculous! Within 2 months, I had very little or NO PAIN during my period, barely any other premenstrual miseries; and my headaches were gone! God had finally answered my prayers! I



I swore I'd never get off The Algae. But, five months later, after I had begun to take my vastly improved condition for granted, along comes a catalogue in the mail from a private-label vitamin/supplement wholesaler who sold blue green algae and swore it was harvested from the same Klamath Lake in Oregon... and the prices were amazingly inexpensive! I just had to try this cheaper brand... so I did. Over the course of the next few months, my miseries came back with a vengeance. This was NOT the same algae I had been taking before! Something was lacking, and my body knew it!

In May of 1997, I re-discovered the Super Blue Green Algae from a long time friend, Victoria BidWell! I ordered The Algae and started taking it by the handfuls once more because the day after it arrived by U.P.S., my period was to start; and I just knew it was going to be a doozy... I was retaining so much water. I didn't follow the package directions that day to ease into The Algae. I jumped in with both feet. The following day, the headache started; and I swallowed 12 of the little, green, compressed, freeze-dried tablets immediately, which, by the way, is 11 more tablets than the recommended starting amount! And within 30 minutes, the pain was gone! It came back a

bit later that day; and once again, I had more Algae; and the pain disappeared! I also had so little menstrual pain that I went rollerblading for an hour that afternoon. Unheard of! Before The Algae, I could barely walk, much less do vigorous exercise! My period also lasted only 3 days! Short and sweet! Because I ate so much Algae in such a short time span and didn't let my body adjust to such a powerful food, I detoxified quickly. My insides did a major house-cleaning. "In with the new, out with the old!" That's what was happening to the cells inside my body. I was getting cleaner, healthier, happier! I didn't care if I endured a bit of detoxification... my body obviously needed it. My complexion and skin glowed even more radiantly with The Algae!

So was it The Algae that came to the rescue? We know that The Algae is a food and not a pain-killer or a medication that merely suppresses symptoms. I am not claiming that The Algae "cured" anything! In Hygiene, we know that there are no "cures." Still, there is the possibility that my body had been deficient, and it was letting me know through my miseries overcome that The Algae had come to the swift rescue via its high nutrition!

To me, this wild, natural, nutrient-dense, organic Algae is a Godsend! It goes in and fills nutritional gaps that our commercial-based diets produce. I tell everyone I meet about it! I will always, always keep taking it! My life is so much more vivacious and energetic now! I knew there had to be a way to feel like a healthy, vibrant teenager again. This can be your experience, too! When you do try it, be patient. Do give it time to be used by your bodies, to feed your cells. Remember, it takes time for the body to revitalize, repair, renew, and rejuvenate! Give The Algae time the body can do wonders given the proper conditions and the ideal foods for healing. Stephanie.

(Victoria's Note: I have known Stephanie now going on 12 years. She is a graduate of T.C. Fry's Life Science Health System and author of The Herbal Body Book which I edited. I thank her for sharing her Peak Algae Experience with us and urge you to take advantage of all her years of expertise in bringing you natural skin care secrets!)

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