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A Formal Refutation of The T.C. Fry Condemnation of Super Blue Green Alge

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In 1995, T.C. Fry cited several medical and scientific journals, with specific titles, dates, and page numbers, to show the exact spots where The Health Seeker could find proof that blue green algae is a toxic form of aquatic life that sports a cocaine-analog, a toxic drug. Now, it is axiomatic in physiology that if an ingested substance is toxic, it will either kill the organism outright or the body will initiate stimulated activity in order to rid itself of the toxin. It is further axiomatic that if the body lacks the Nerve Energy to rid itself of the toxin in this stimulated mode, then the body will store that toxin or its residue somewhere in the body and be consequently forced into a higher level of toleration and a resulting mode of compromised health.

What we need to set straight for the record and for all you Health Seekers who have looked to T.C. Fry for health truths throughout the years is this: #1 Dozens of strains of blue green algae have been identified and classified by biologists/botanists. #2 The blue green algae in all of T.C.'s submitted citings are found in waters other than Klamath Lake. And #3 The Super Blue Green Algae, the food product from Cell Tech, is tested daily for toxins and has been found to be "toxin-free" with each testing. This food is not drugged! It is wholesome!

With sadness, I find myself refuting T.C.'s condemnation of Super Blue Green Algae as containing a cocaine-analog posthumously. T.C. Fry and I were in alignment with most of the Healthful Living Practices we presented to The People. Our primary disagreement was his "All Fruit Diet" and GetWell's "Ideal Diet" of fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. When I started offering Super Blue Green Algae to GetWell Friends 14 months ago, however, we had another major bone of contention on which to chew. T.C. and I bantered back and forth over the phone every other week about the Blue Green. I say "bantered," because I never really made an honest attempt to get him to understand that the Algae was a food and not a supplement, a food and not a stimulant, a food and not a drug, a food and not a fraud. I knew T.C. Fry. Once he had his mind made up, that was it! I figured I would give it my best shot some day, when I had extra money and extra time. I could travel to Pennsylvania and hand-feed him the Algae for a 4 weeks. I figured I had all the time in the world. I figured wrong.

The fact is that T.C. Fry had made his decision about Super Blue Green Algae without ever giving it the subjective test of experimenting with it, without ever eating the Algae long enough and in quantities large enough for it to get his attention. This is ironic, because T.C. had long been teaching his followers to always let the body be the final authority and decision-maker. He always taught his students to practice Healthful Living Principles at the subjective, personal level and then decide if the principle in question held true on that experiential level. In spite of this teaching, T.C. refused to test the Algae on his own being, and instead, openly condemned it in the written and spoken word with a vehemence and a vengeance that could actually be described as "vindictive."

T.C. died suddenly and surprisingly, early in September of '96. I drove down and over to Texas to attend the services. A few days before, I visited Dr. Vetrano, who, like many others, had bought into T.C.'s "analog argument" and could not, therefore, consider the Algae a viable food for The Health Seeker. A few days after, I visited a T.C. Fry buddy with an Hygienicc background; and I asked him to help me make the long-awaited rebuttal, posthumously. Here it is, in this man's words, with my slight editing...

"We would like to clear up a misconception. The charge has been made that Super Blue Green Algae (the Cell Tech food product) contains a "toxic drug," specifically "anatoxin-A." This is misinformation. The fact is that the strain of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) growing in Klamath Lake has not been shown to contain toxins of any kind! Strains of AFA growing in the fresh water lakes of Finland and in New Hampshire and in other fresh water lakes cited by T.C. Fry have been found to contain toxins under certain, specific conditions. But the AFA from Klamath Lake remains, to this date, after years of rigorous, regular testing by Cell Tech and several independent laboratories, an entirely non-toxic strain. The truth is that Cell Tech tests every day's batch of blue green algae for all currently known algal toxins using the most sophisticated methods available for detecting this neurotoxin. Anatoxin-A has never been detected in the blue green algae (the strain flourishing in Klamath Lake) that becomes Super Blue Green Algae (the Cell Tech food product). However, just for the record, anatoxin-A is not similar to cocaine in action, anyway only in chemical structure. When T.C. Fry speculated that The Very Happy Algae Eaters are feeling good for a very good reason because they are on a "cocaine high" he didn't know what he was talking about! Both anatoxin-A and cocaine are considered to be neurotoxins, true. But anatoxin-A does not act as a mind-altering substance or hallucinogenic drug as does cocaine. Rather, anatoxin-A is a neurotransmitter involved in muscular contraction and affects acetylcholine transmission; whereas, cocaine affects adrenaline transmission and blocks nervous transmission mediating pain and altering mood. The subjective effects of anatoxin-A and cocaine are entirely different! Nevertheless, let us repeat: neither anatoxin-A nor any cocaine-analog is present in Super Blue Green Algae! There are few foods on this Earth that are subjected to more rigorous testing that Super Blue Green Algae to insure its safety and wholesomeness." I continue...

With all due respect, T.C. Fry was wrong about a very few things in his teachings over the years, as we all have been. One of his symptoms was pernicious anemia. He may, in fact, have benefited from the B-12 in The Algae. On a lighter note, I suggest that The Health Seeker "get high" every day... the legal, drug-free, natural way with The 10 Energy Enhancers and a nutrient-dense diet Super Blue Green Algae rich and right, of course! Rest in Peace, Dear T.C.


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