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Dear Health Seekers

"GREEN REVOLUTION PRODUCTS" are popular today. They are chosen by Health Seekers who are concerned, worried, or horrified by the studies recently conducted by reliable groups, governmental and private, that show the low mineral content in our now depleted soils compared with soils of years past. Typically, these "GREEN REVOLUTION PRODUCTS" are exceedingly high in mineral content and intended to compensate for the low mineral content in our foods grown on these depleted soils.

I began offering my "GREEN REVOLUTION PRODUCT" of choice, Super Blue Green Algae, to GetWell Friends in the summer of 1995. By the winter of 1996, I had reached the "Double Diamond" position in the company. But it was consuming all my time and energy. It became a full-time job. And it was stealing me away from The Great American Health Revolution projects. As a result, I stopped focusing on The Algae. With this "WEBSITE BUTTON" you have pushed, you will study the reports I prepared on The Algae when it had all my attention. And before you proceed, there are a few things you should know!

#1 The Algae is the only food product I actively promote. (That should be very intriguing for you!)

#2 Some GetWell Friends have experienced dramatic and exciting benefits and a few have experienced no benefits. (That should be challenging to you!)

#3 I can show you who consider yourselves to be an "animal" and not a "plant" how to do The Algae for 68% less than the going cost. (That should be very delightful for you!)

#4 I can talk with you personally about doing The Algae and never once try to get you to do the business or even to enroll. (That should be very refreshing for you!)  

Victoria Bidwell




"Why Does Victoria Endorse Super Blue Green Algae?" 2