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"The Super Blue Green Algae Is...

the ONLY 'Green Revolution Food Product' I Endorse."

Nature's Way!

That The Algae is pond scum

And not our natural dietary

Ignores the fact that The Lake perimeter

Is, in reality, The Algae Cemetery!

You see, when The Algae live their full lives,

Are not harvested, and must pass away,

They seek Klamath Shores,

Lament a last breath, and see not another day.

And with the dead heat of the sun

And the passing of night,

The Dear, Deceased Algae make pond scum

It's Nature's Way of setting things right!

And yes, this pond scum, we absolutely must not eat.

And yes, it is The Rich, Wild Algae

From The Depths of The Lake

That is our just treat!

1997 ·

GetWell StayWell, America! An Independent Distributor #121593-121602

A Note from Victoria, Written by an Upliner

It was T.C. Fry, who called Super Blue Green® Algae "pond scum" at about the same time Victoria first introduced her GetWell StayWell Friends to The Algae in the fall of 1995. Following T.C.'s rhetoric, some Hygienists have been led to think of blue green algae from Klamath Lake as "pond scum." In reality, to do so is no different than calling lettuce "rabbit food" or sunflower seeds "bird food." It is just ridicule for the sake of ridicule. The truth is that The Algae only becomes scummy and unsavory in appearance around the periphery of The Lake where the water is shallow and where the sun heats up the temperature of the water, both of which promptly kill the blue green algae. Yes, dead algae becomes scummy. But the living algae, which is harvested from the deeper, colder, more flowing portions of The Lake, has the consistency and appearance of fresh vegetable clippings! The true appearance of flourishing blue green algae is gorgeous, glorious, fresh, sweet smelling, and emanating of life-supporting chlorophyll! You can see it on video, dancing and flowing in the water habitat for yourself.



"Why Does Victoria Endorse Super Blue Green Algae?"