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Super Blue Green® Algae Enzymes & Probiotics For Some, "A Necessary Transition" until We Live in... "The Best of All Possible Worlds"

Presented & Edited by Victoria BidWell & Written by an Upliner

From GetWell StayWell, America! An Independent Distributor #121593-121602

Basic Probiotics: 101 continued

Dr. Norman Walker taught us: "Health begins in the colon!" Are you going with the FLOW? Are your intestines as clean as they can be? Do you have impacted intestines, to some degree? Acidophilus is a gift for which we can hold great gratitude. Cell Tech's Acidophilus is the only acidophilus product on the market today packed with Algae as a food supply. (The little bacteria need the Algal minerals and other micronutrients to feed upon as they go to work cleaning the walls of our gastro-intestinal tracts.) Thank You, Acidophilus! Thank You, Cell Tech!

The Cell Tech Probiotic: Bifidus

While Acidophilus supports the small intestine, Bifidus (pronounced "biff'-i-dus") helps out in the colon, also called "the large intestine." Along with keeping the colon walls clean and the lumen open, the Bifidus bacteria bring the fluids into the solid waste state prior to and in support of elimination. Oftentimes, people with poor or inadequate elimination notice immediate and permanent improvement once they bolster their Bifidus colonies. For people with dry or impacted bowel movements, the addition of Bifidus tends to produce a more moist stool, which is naturally easier to evacuate.

The Cell Tech Probiotic: Spectrabiotic

Spectrabiotic contains smaller amounts of both Acidophilus and Bifidus along with 5 other strains of friendly bacteria. Consequently, this unique Super Blue Green Algae product directly benefits both the small and large intestines. As there are many types of friendly bacteria known to inhabit healthy intestines, strengthening the presence of the most vital of them is a key to lasting, intestinal vitality. Furthermore, this Spectrabiotic also contains Enzymes to serve the body in its efforts to overpower parasites and harmful bacteria notorious for breeding rampantly in most people's bowels. Acerola, Jerusalem artichokes, and rosehips, all of which are known to promote the proliferation of the good guy bacteria, have also been added to the strengthen the effect of the good guys in their ability to throw the bad guys out on their ears!



Spectrabiotic is actually an impressive mixture of Algae, acerola, Jerusalem artichokes, rosehips, and 7 different probiotics which includes Acidophilus, Bifidus, and the following:

·Enterococcus faecium: known to re-establish equilibrium of the intestinal flora and alleviate such problems as diarrhea

·Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus: known to help create a healthy environment for the proliferation of friendly bacteria

·Lactobacillus plantarum: known to produce 2 two wide-spectrum and powerful, natural, anti-microbial agents called "Plantaricin A" and "Lactolin"

·Lactobacillus salivarius: known to help cleanse the walls of the intestines by eliminating food residues.

Is the Spectrabiotic Sufficient to Replace the Acidophilus & Bifidus?

In other words, "Are Acidophilus and Bifidus still necessary now that we have Spectrabiotic?" The Cell Tech Answer, straight from their literature, is: "Yes! First of all, they are highly beneficial because each capsule of the Spectrabiotic contains about 1/3 of the Bifidus and 1/2 the Acidophilus present in the usual monoculture. To obtain the same amount of Acidophilus and Bifidus, one would have to consume much more Spectrabiotic. Second, the blending of many different Probiotics is more suitable for rebalancing the intestinal flora than for rebuilding it. Spectrabiotic alone can do the job; but to really rebuild a damaged intestinal flora, nothing can replace consuming significant amounts of both Acidophilus and Bifidus."

(Please note: as the wider range of friendly bacteria coupled with the Enzymes can be quite a powerful cleansing factor even in all but the healthiest of intestines, do increase the amounts of Spectrabiotic at a slower pace than you do with the Acidophilus and Bifidus.)



YES! This year, MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Let us all "intensely and excitedly choose" to do this New Year right! Let us all get our nutritional needs met, all our physiological and emotional and spiritual needs met! And let us all share The Algae with loved ones. Let this not be A Junk Food and Energy Drain Year. Let it be, instead, The Reason to Turn Over a New Leaf!

The Common Denominators of The Full Algaefication Process Are...

1. More Energy! 2. Better Sleep! 3. Improved Digestion!

I wish you... "The Happiest and Healthiest of All Years!" May your gift of love to yourselves be these Blue Green Common Denominators of More Energy, Better Sleep, and Improved Digestion. Step up your Hygienic habits. And these 3 gifts with your Hygiene will multiply in physiological, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits throughout every cell in your body ecology, as you experience the high-density nutrition of The Algae and support of the Enzymes and Probiotics, ALL bringing you closer and closer to Superlative Health!

"Why Does Victoria Endorse Super Blue Green Algae?" 55