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Living in "The Best of All Possible Worlds"

and in living "The Best of All 10

of The Energy Enhancers,"

we Hygienists would never favor the use of Cell Tech's Enzymes and Probiotics!

Living in a compromised world

and in living Hygiene less than 100%,

I urge you to study and consider this

GetWell's Extended Dissertation & Final Word on The Use of Cell Tech's Enzymes & Probiotics in

The Hygienic Program...

Dear GetWell Friends, I have taken a physiologically complex subject and rendered it as entertaining and understandable as possible! This statement is so important that it goes out in every "Welcome Package" for those starting on The Algae. And in your quest for Superlative Health especially if your digestive system is already compromised you, too, would do well to study and consider thoroughly this dissertation. The Best to You, Dear GetWell Friends.

A Post-Holiday Story "Ho! Ho! Ho!" For 1998

'Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, especially not The Log. For while the stockings were being hung by the chimney with care, he had been eating all of Santa's cookies, til the plate was bare!

When I was growing up, every time the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's gatherings rolled 'round, we shared a term of endearment to tweak The Spirit of Holiday Humor! The silliness revolved 'round a relative we all fondly called "The Log." And he was one, without fail! Same story, year after year. Mid morning, he'd come over, greet all of us perfunctorily, and go straight for the grub as if it were his very last meal before execution! Now, not having grown up in an overly health-conscious family, I had access to some of the tastiest (read "toxic-est") holiday munchies in town. Anyway, The Log would start in on some cookies "to hold him over until the dinner." You know the routine. "Just one more so I don't starve." Or the old, "After all, dinner doesn't start for another hour!" excuse. The Log knew all the lines to exonerate his gorging, just like the rest of us. So, how was this unique term of endearment bestowed exclusively upon "The Log," and not upon the rest of us, as well? Well, like most namesakes, it was well-earned!

Use your imagination and join us at our festive home... There he is now, greeting us ostensibly, a normal enough appearing (albeit, corpulent) human being... First, he is tasting the cookies (He had to try 1 of each of the 10 varieties.) and milk, the fudge and cocoa with those little white marshmallows floating around on top, and other pre-dinner snacks, which include green mints, assorted nuts, and celery stuffed with bright yellow "cheese." Now, he begins the meal



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