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Super Blue Green® Algae Enzymes & Probiotics For Some, "A Necessary Transition" until We Live in... "The Best of All Possible Worlds"

Presented & Edited by Victoria BidWell & Written by an Upliner

From GetWell StayWell, America! An Independent Distributor #121593-121602

about 2 weeks. Then, as you continue using the Spectrabiotic, repeat the journal for another week. I am willing to bet that you will notice a significant improvement, that your mouth will be cleaner, sweeter, and less tacky. And, keep in mind that your mouth reflects the general condition of your whole digestive tract. This experiment is likely to convince you of the value of doing probiotics, and Cell Tech's are the very best. I usually advise people to do the Spectrabiotic every day for the first few weeks; and once they have developed a sufficient colony of beneficial bacteria, they can do it less often. Of course, it is equally important to avoid the dietary practices that tend to impair your intestinal flora, such as consuming sugar, salt, coffee, alcohol, drugs, and chlorinated water.

If any of your friends are pet owners, I have a terrific gift idea: give them some Animal Algae®. I have been giving it to my dog Frisky, and he just thrives on it! What I do is buy regular dog food, to which I add one raw egg and 1/2 teaspoon of Animal Algae. Although Frisky is nearly four years old, people still take him to be a puppy. I enjoy taking him to a nearby junior high school where I let him chase me around in my truck. I routinely clock him running at 25 miles per hour. He runs like a greyhound, even though he is a yellow lab. When you consider how processed, commercial pet foods are, and when you realize that animals too need raw natural food, you will want them to have Animal Algae.

It is true that in "The Best of All Possible Worlds," in a world where we all grow our own foods from organically composted gardens and orchards, in a world where the rest of our food supply comes from certified and organic produce, in a world where we eat vegetarian and all-raw fruits and vegetables, in a world where all of The 10 Energy Enhancers are observed by all and all of The 10 Energy Robbers are abandoned in just such a world, it is true that the addition of The Algae to our dietary could be viewed as "nutritional assurance" rather than as "a sorely needed addition to a depleted diet and downsized lifestyle." But such is not the world in which we live! Just stroll through the supermarkets and examine the contents of the grocery carts and views the shoppers therein!

Several people have called or written to me with additional questions about the Probiotics and Enzymes. I must say that over time, my appreciation for these two products continues to grow. The other night, for instance, I ate some Anasazi beans. These are those ancient beans prized by the Pueblo Indians of Colorado. They are rather like a purple pinto bean, only more tasty and more nutritious. Like many people, I tend to have trouble digesting beans, but not when I do the Enzymes first. These Enzymes really do support the digestive process so that you don't feel stuffed and bloated after eating heavy foods. The question I am often asked is whether doing enzymes will suppress your body's own production of enzymes. The answer is "absolutely not." On the contrary, when your body derives more value from its food, it has more of the elements it needs with which to build enzymes. For instance, after using Enzymes for a while, you will notice that your digestion is improved, both when you do the Enzymes and when you don't. That is very significant. There is no feedback inhibition from ingesting Enzymes as there is when you take hormones. I am not suggesting that you use the Enzymes as a license to overeat. However, some foods, such as beans, are inherently difficult to digest; and yet they do add important nutritional diversification to the diet. Taking Cell Tech Enzymes eases the digestion when eating such foods, and it saves the body energy since enzyme synthesis is such an energy-intensive process. Those who habitually become tired or sleepy soon after meals really need to utilize The Algae Enzymes.

Regarding the Probiotics, keep in mind that there is a constant struggle between "the good bugs" and "the bad bugs" inside of your digestive tract! The bad bugs include yeast and fungi such as candida albicans. Be aware that high carbohydrate diets (including diets high in fruit) tend to foster candida. When you wake up in the morning and have a sticky, pasty film in your mouth, that is candida you are tasting. Do an experiment. Pay attention to the condition of your mouth first thing in the morning for about a week. Keep a journal of it. Note the amount of coating on your tongue, the taste in your mouth, the condition of your breath, and the amount of pastiness and stickiness in your mouth. Then start taking two Spectrabiotic® every day first thing in the morning for


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