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"Natural Killer Cells Called Out in Full Force by The Algae!"

Written by an Hygienic Doctor Who Is No More

GetWell Friends!

Victoria has asked me to supply for you my response to the summary of this double-blind study which Cell Tech put out in February of this year. So here it is. The study investigated the effect of consuming Aphanizomenon-flos Aquae (AFA) known as "blue-green algae" on Natural Killer Cell activity in the human body. It was found that consuming 1.5 grams of The Algae per day brought about a 40% increase in NATURAL KILLER CELL activity. NATURAL KILLER CELLS are the large white blood cells the macrophages or "big eaters" whose job it is to locate abnormal cells, such as cancer cells or virally infected cells, and destroy them.

I have some experience studying the activity of white blood cells. When I took a sabbatical to Australia in 1989 to work with famed Osteopathic and Hygienic physician, Dr. Alec Burton, he performed "live cell analysis" on patients. This involved looking at a living smear of fresh blood, observing on video the activity of the various cells. Remember that blood is living and that it continues to live for several minutes after it is drawn. Until the fibrous clot forms that immobilizes the cells, you can see what goes on, much like looking at fish swim around through the glass of an aquarium.

One of the most interesting moments was observing the activity of the white blood cells, which were the most active. You could see them swimming around, motoring themselves by pushing out streams of cytoplasm, and remolding themselves as they moved about. It was majestic to watch! And with your own eyes, you could see these white blood cells engulf debris of various kinds and destroy it. People varied a great deal in the apparent vitality of their white blood cells. In those who were run down and sick, the white blood cells would be smaller, less active, less developed geometrically; and they would die quickly. Whereas, in those individuals who were healthy, you could see the vibrancy of their white blood cells as they performed their search and destroy missions. After a time, I would get rather good at predicting whose specimens were going to show abundant white cell vitality and activity and whose would not. And of course, we saw great improvements in patients' blood as they were influenced by the nutritional rehabilitation being practiced via Natural Hygiene.

It really is true what Daryl Kollman says: "Whether or not you have a viral infection or cancer depends largely on the strength of your immune system." It is likely that we all develop cancer at some point in our lives, perhaps multiple times, because cancer starts with one abnormal cell, a cell that was damaged by exposure to carcinogens, to radiation, to diet-generated free radicals, or other causes. That one cell divides into two, and those two into four, those four into eight,


those eight into sixteen, and so on and on. Hopefully, the immune system is sharp enough to send out NATURAL KILLER CELLS to destroy the cancer before it grows any further. If the immune system is weak, however, the cancer keeps growing until eventually, it reaches a critical mass wherein the immune system is overwhelmed and cannot possibly deal with it. By the time a palpable mass appears, the cancer is usually well established and advanced. But the growth of a cancer is not always rapid. That is one of the misconceptions people often harbor. For instance, by the time a woman can feel a palpable lump in her breast indicating breast cancer, the cancer may well have been growing there for ten years. Imagine being sick with a potentially fatal illness for ten years and not knowing it! And during most or all of that time, you may have had no substantial signs or symptoms at all. No wonder it is such a dreaded disease.

It seems clear to me that, where cancer is concerned, there is far more value in prevention, through a healthful lifestyle, than in diagnosis and treatment. There are some cancers that are effectively treated by medical science, such as skin cancers that are caught early; but there are many more for which medical/surgical/radiological treatment has had a poor showing by any reasonable measure. The growing popularity of alternative treatment centers for cancer has arisen largely out of frustration with orthodox medicine's dismal record. But don't take that as an endorsement of alternative treatment because I have not researched to my satisfaction that their methods are any more effective.

The main point I want to make is that we all need to think about cancer and avoiding the causes of it long before we actually come down with it. Eating whole, natural foods, particularly fresh fruits and vegetables, stopping poison habits like smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, and taking drugs, eating largely, if not wholly vegetarian, avoiding pollution and minimizing our exposure to toxins of all kinds as best we can: these are the most important steps a person can take to reduce their risk of ever developing cancer. Victoria has nicely popularized this "Prescription for Healthy Living" through her teachings in The YearBook and Common Health Sense and The 10 Energy Enhancers. It is clear to me, in light of this recent research and other research, that including Super Blue Green Algae in our diets serves to bolster our natural defenses against this dreadful disease.

I realize that this could be experienced as "a depressing topic of conversation" cancer. We should, however, consider ourselves fortunate to be among those who know that cancer has more to do with cause and effect lifestyle than with bad luck and/or bad genes. We can take steps right now to protect ourselves and to insure our healthy futures. And this is "an uplifting and positive topic of conversation," is it not?

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