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"...for the Sake

of the Vitamin B-12 Alone"

Many people I know have had wonderful experiences from eating Super Blue Green Algae on a regular basis. For some, the benefits have been dramatic; and for others, the benefits have been more subtle. But my feeling is that it is worth your while to add Super Blue Green Algae to your Healthful Living Practices for the sake of Vitamin B-12 alone! Sadly, there have been Health Seekers who have gotten into terrible trouble with Vitamin B-12 deficiency. Victoria and I had a mutual friend who deteriorated rapidly and then died suddenly from what appeared to be a simple case of severe Vitamin B-12 deficiency. The B-12 deficiency can easily happen on a strict, vegetarian diet even if all-raw foods are eaten exclusively. In some cases, as with our friend, the results have been tragic and irreversible; and I never want to see that happen again. Eating Super Blue Green Algae is the most natural and wholesome way that I know to obtain Vitamin B-12. If there is a better way to obtain Vitamin B-12, I do not know of it; and I have researched the subject thoroughly. Eating the Super Blue Green Algae enables us to secure Vitamin B-12 without having to take a synthetic, man-made vitamin supplement. It is, therefore, in keeping with "The Spirit of Healthful Living." I want you to know that I appreciate Super Blue Green Algae, and I feel entirely right and comfortable about adding it to my Healthful Living Practices. (Victoria's Note: To put it in plain language... "For about a buck a day, for the sake of the Vitamin B-12 alone, it makes sense to eat Algae!")

"Super Blue Green Algae Is Not a Stimulant! It is a Food!"

T.C. Fry has raised the question whether the Algae is a stimulant or not. He has branded it "a stimulant" without even having eaten the Algae for the 6 - 8 weeks necessary to have his "Algae Experiences." By definition, "a stimulant" is toxic and causes the body to react with the poisoning "side effects" the individual sometimes finds exciting. I have no reason to believe that the Blue Green is stimulating, that is, "toxic." I certainly don't get "high" from eating Super Blue Green Algae. And more importantly, there is no let-down or "crash" when I don't eat Algae, as there is invariably with a stimulant. The benefits and improvements of eating Algae accrue over time; and they are not instant "drug-like effects" that wear out in a matter of hours. Today, for instance, is a fast-day for me; and I am not eating Algae or having anything else (except distilled water). And I feel just fine. I am not having any withdrawal symptoms or any other negative "side-effects." I have no headaches, no weakness, no depression. Stopping Algae in my diet is not like stopping coffee. It doesn't make me feel bad. In fact, if anything, fast-days are easier for me since I added Algae to my food plan. The important thing to realize is that the Algae is just a food a highly nutritious food. It is not a drug, it is not a remedy, it is not an herb, it is not a medicine, it is not a tonic, it is not a stimulant! Super Blue Green Algae, rather, is quite simply a superlatively nourishing, UNCOOKED food! If it were any of those other toxic things, I certainly would not be interested in eating it myself; nor would I be sharing Blue Green with you Health Seekers and GetWell Friends.


"Why Does Victoria Endorse Super Blue Green Algae?" 39