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The Chlorophyll in the Super Blue Green Algae

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The Chlorophyll in the

Super Blue Green Algae

The molecular structure of hemoglobin, the substance which gives our blood its characteristic red color and allows it to transport oxygen in our bodies, is a complex, doughnut-shaped molecule with an iron atom in the middle. Remarkably, chlorophyll, the substance that makes plants green and allows them to use the energy of the sun to create their food, has exactly the same molecular structure, except it has a magnesium atom in the center. Metaphorically speaking, the life blood of us humans is paralleled by the life blood of fellow plants, save for the atom in the centers of their molecules. The molecular affinity these 2 have for each other could explain why eating Algae, one of the richest sources of chlorophyll and iron available, has been found to boost hemoglobin production, generally improving oxygenation in our bodies and helping with iron deficiencies.

Chlorophyll is a plant factor of great importance to humans. As noted, every molecule of chlorophyll contains magnesium at its center, which is a vitally important mineral. (When you see the green color of a chlorophyll-rich plant, you are looking at the magnesium center.) In addition, it has been known for a long time that chlorophyll itself has what amounts to an antiseptic influence upon the digestive tract. The presence of sufficient amounts of chlorophyll in ones food regime tends to naturally inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and molds. That is, chlorophyll deters the growth of these anti-life pathogens, making chlorophyll pro-life to us humans. The result is that people with "flora or fungal problems" benefit when they consume foods high in chlorophyll on a consistent basis. Super Blue Green Algae just happens to be one of the highest known sources of chlorophyll. No doubt this is why Health Seekers with flora or yeast problems may experience substantial benefits when they add sufficient amounts of Super Blue Green Algae to their food plans. Actually, many problems resulting from fungal homesteading many Health Seekers report improves, and sometimes dramatically so, with their eating Super Blue Green Algae. Now you can restore nutritional balance to your body ecology by becoming a Happy Algae Eater!


The Bio-Availability of the Minerals in the Super Blue Green Algae

Plant food, in general, is rich in minerals. And, it is also high in fiber also called "cellulose." The human organism, however, cannot break down that fiber and passes it through the gastrointestinal tract, relatively unchanged. Of course, this is to our great advantage, as a high-fiber diet has been associated with high levels of health, as well. Nevertheless, because we cannot break down the fiber, many of the minerals bound (chelated) into that fiber are not available for use by the human body. The result is that, regardless of the scientific research that shows the mineral content of plants, in reality, only a small percentage of those found minerals in coarse plant food can be digested, absorbed, and assimilated by the human body. Super Blue Green Algae by contrast is fiber-free! The minerals in the Algae are rendered immediately available! The Algae is characterized by a glycogen cell wall, instead of a cellulose cell wall. The result is that Super Blue Green Algae is 97% digestible, absorbable, and assimilable. 97% is a far higher percentage than any other plant food. The minerals in Super Blue Green Algae are all organic and chelated and present in ideal proportions for human use. To state it clearly : "The minerals in Super Blue Green Algae are bio-available usable immediately for the physiological and metabolic processes that support optimum functions of the living organism."

"We Are Better Off

Just Eating a Handful of

Dirt to Get Our Minerals!"

"Based on my own recovery experience, I felt I should leave my career as a chemist and bring The Health Truth of Natural Hygiene to people. And that is what I have done. I have started The Christian Health and Lifestyle Center here in Louisville, Kentucky. As a result of my study, however, I discovered that as a scientist and a nutritionist, the vitamins and mineral supplements that we have out there do not perform as we really think they perform. They have a drug effect. They do not have a nutritional effect like we think they do. As far as the minerals are concerned, I have come to realize that we are better off just eating a handful of dirt to get our minerals!

The mineral and vitamin supplements absolutely do not work at all. They have a negative effect. They have a drug effect. They do not have a positive, nutritional effect. And I do not recommend them.

"Additionally, I had known the food supply was deficient for a long time. So for the last 5 years, I have been looking for a product I could recommend to my clients in lieu of supplementation. I was looking for something based on theological and scientific truth. When Super Blue Green Algae first came along, I thought, 'Well, this is just another fad, another false product.' When Victoria presented the Algae in the context of Healthful Living Practices, however, I researched the product, its chemical analysis, how it is harvested and prepared; and I really, really became excited!

"What I am saying is my first Peak Algae Experience was solely on an intellectual basis I had not even started eating the Algae yet I had not been that excited since I was a kid! I had been looking for a natural, high-nutrition food for 5 years to add to the vegetarian-raw food plan; and here was the product that would take care of the needs of my clients that I had been looking for! We have a multitude of micronutrient needs. How do we get these micronutrient needs met if our available food supply is deficient in them? Here was the answer to my prayers all in one package! It was marvelous! I just couldn't sit still, really!

"The Super Blue Green Algae even lives up to my theological requirements: it is a natural product; it is harvested, dried, and eaten with no further processing required. And as far as our micronutrient needs to get our biochemical pathways functioning correctly, the Algae works because it is not artificial, not man-synthesized: it is plant food, with its full complement of enzymes, unharmed by heating. The Algae comes complete with fully digestible, fully assimilable micronutrients. In my estimation, it is the bioavailability of the high mineral content of the Algae that explains why people are having all these marvelous experiences that GetWell is sharing with everyone. The minerals turn the biochemical pathways on correctly. It is absolutely beautiful the way it works! When you combine this Super Blue Green with The Healthful Living Lifestyle, you can get your health back; and you can live free of disease. It is absolutely marvelous!"


"Why Does Victoria Endorse Super Blue Green Algae?" 38